Rogue Taxidermy

by Days N' Daze

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Art Work Design By: Susie Schaeffer


released August 24, 2013

Jesse Sendejas- Vocals, Guitar, Banjo, Washboard, Mandolin, Drums
Whitney Flynn- Vocals, Trumpet, Ukelele
Geoff Bell-Washtub Bass, Vocals


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Days N Daze Houston, Texas

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Track Name: Rockabilly Impending Deathfuture
All solace
all beauty
all innocence has been stripped away
what once was warm and safe
has turned a cold and concrete grey
All solace
all beauty
all innocence has been stripped away
calloused with disdain

The absence of a hand to hold
leaves only clinched a fist to throw
with flavor bland and color drained
there's nothing left to calm the mind
inching toward catastrophe
yet overwhelmed with apathy
for anything'd be better than this paltry wretched void
once you've lost the will to live you're no longer afraid to die
bring the fucking reaper he can cower at my feet
nihilistic lost all interest in preserving any bridges
let the fuckers burn and isolate me in my hate


When did the face of a dying man
replace my reflection
even in emotion I'm stuck in a dismal stagnant hell
the only thing that offers me any bit of comfort
is a sip from the bottle from the medicine cabinet
I see no light at the end of the tunnel
to look forward to because
the fallen are damned to dwell in that infertile soil
unforgiving and cold
stuck at the bottom of a chasm
with the weight of a cross on my back
one that's not mine to hold

Beauty fades. Love dies. Death is eminent.(x4)
Track Name: Fuck It!
She smiled and she said
on days like this
it seems like it never rains
But without the rain we'd starve
I can't escape the fly and the skull
So I'm beginning to lull myself
Into a false security
Cause it's easier to lie to yourself
Than face reality
So bittersweet

So let's pretend
all of the ones we love won't die
Sweep their skeletons off to the side
I'm oh so sorry swear I tried to
See over the wall I've build up
in my head of guilt and fuckups
Maybe I'm just thinkin' much to hard

Life's a game life's a joke
fuck it
Why not go for broke
Trade in all your chips
and learn how to be free
Why abstain why jump in line
We're all living on borrowed time
So do what you like
and we'll like what you do when you do it
And if they don't that's fine
fuck 'em

They say don't take the risk
You're sure to fail
Cause there's no get out of jail free card in life
But what's the worst that could happen
end up in coffin?
Isn't that where we're all headed anyway?
Can't escape the madness
So you might as well embrace it
Can't be worse
than a nine to five cubicle jail cell
Buried under mundane bullshit

Track Name: Muddy Knees
Come on just take my hand
baby lets go
we'll run away with nothin'
but our love to show
we'll dance in the street
with mud on our knees
and show the world we're
everything they wish to be
but nothing that they want to see

Remember those days
we lost track of miles
punk rock love and dysfunctional smiles
livin' in the clouds
screamin' our lungs out
we laughed when noone listened
cause we knew it'd all work out
we were the only two that were conscience
in that stupid fucking town
traveling to different cities
deciding anywhere is home
as long as you were by my side
I never felt alone
cigarettes to wind
40's in our hands
this love is real and noone could understand
the feeling we were born to feel
you know I'll follow you anywhere


Droppin' out of high school
sneakin' out of windows
playin' music to cops
that wanted to shut us down
the moment I looked into your eyes
you held me through all those bad times
the friends that got locked up
and all those friends
that never made it through the night
seemed like we were the only two
that would ever make it through
this fucking life

Track Name: Call in the Coroner
Fire on the innocent and the guilty
On the saints and sinners alike
Though apophis knows no mercy
He's an angel compared to the man
Who has nothing to lose
The sad hunter the forsaken swain
societies most malignant creation
if idle hands are the devils play things
these hands will crack the earth to tear the devil apart

a scroll we've only taped to tear
Live or die who fucking cares
a void behind consumers vail
Begging with intent to sell
Leave me cold on jagged stone
A game of cat and mouse so cruel
breathe in the dirt dead skin and bone
which clouds the air inside your tomb.

I've just been
goin through the motions
with an empty smile bolted on my face
Ever since the day we started
I've been stratchin' forks at empty plates
Now I finally realize it's fucking pointless
To fight a battle for somebody
Who just does not care
and never has
And never will
I'm better off all on my own
So you can rest your head beneath head stone
For all I care
For all I care

I've lost that lust for life
I once possessed when there were fewer years
And mass upon my shoulders
I've lost that need to thrive
That compulsion to feel to create to discover
Somebody please call in the coroner
Just because I'm moving
Doesn't mean I'm not a corpse
Soon I'll be building our casket
From the scrapes of these bridges destroyed
By the storms I've been brewin'


Foreign flesh to tear your insides
Sharpened steel to tear your throat
No longer will you be the one
To tie my hanging rope
It's over.
Track Name: Misanthropic Drunken Loner
My breakfast was straight out the medicine cabinet
a remedy for the aftermath of my habits
sometimes it's the ones who try to help
that hurt the most
I feel like we're playing tug of war and I'm the rope
and I'm stretched to the limit
but you keep on pulling
and I'm gunna lose my goddamn mind, I'm gunna lose my mind

I want to hide away in the back of a cave
at the top of a mountain
where no one can hear me and no one can see me
so I don't have to deal with them
and they don't have to deal with me
Cause relationships are overrated
maybe I'm just tired and jaded
but I'm sorry I just like myself more than I like you

So call me anit-social call it masterbation
Either way it's a solo operation
I'm just far more comfortable alone

It appears that apathy
has gotten the best of me
cause I'm so tired of you talking my ear off
about all your problems I just can't fix
I don't appreciate this unwanted company
and your constant chatter
reminds me why I'd rather you leave me be

So call me anit-social call it masterbation
Either way it's a solo operation
I'm just far more comfortable alone

Cause people are ugly and people are hateful
distructive and greedy
we're proud and ungrateful
the world would be so much better off without us
So swallow a bullet
or a handful of pills
we're all compost in training
and there's graves left to fill
we distract ourselves to make us feel like we're not just mistakes
we distract ourselves to make us feel like we're not just mistakes

It seems that everybody's always got a bone to pick
a promise to break, never again will I make that miskate
Of trusting anyone
trusting anyone
trusting anyone
This is my misanthropic confession
human being are a waste of breath and
don't think I excuse myself
I'm an asshole just like you


My breakfast was straight out the medicine cabinet.
Track Name: Blue Jays
Verse 1&2- C Dm F G
Chorus- Dm G C
Breakdown- Dm F C
Verse 3- Dm F C Dm F G F C

Tonight I drink to you
for all the times we spent
and all the times we didn't get
and I'll meet you again
blanketed in soil
fossilized in photographs
can't say it doesn't hurt
the beating second hand that tortures me
cause your not here
cause your not here

I'm too tired to eat
too tired to breathe
too tired to deal with all of these tragedies
but I'm too scared
I'm too scared
to sleep

So smear the dark circles that cradled my eyes
I fool myself to keep livin' this mundane life
with the flushed pigment and these fractured smiles
I'm just buyin' my time
without you by my side
without you by my side


They say keep on movin'
oh keep on movin' kid
but it's so hard movin'
it's so hard movin' it aches
just keep on movin' oh keep on movin'

As the dead robins strung across the morning dew
the blue jays oh sing a sorrowful tune
I'll never stop missing you
I'll never stop loving you
Track Name: Remnants of What People Used to Be
I wonder what these ladies really look like
Without their makeup and their purses and hairspray
And I wonder what these fellows are really thinkin'
when they're flippin' through pages of magazines
Now we're mannequins just plastic dolled up remnants
Of the human race what people used to be
Because now everyone smells fake
It's all perfumes and body sprays
we're just plastic dolled up
Remnants of the human race what people used to be

And luxury shall soon become a weakness
We're growin' lazier and fatter every day
We're stagnant flowing in a sea of excess
perfectly consumed with weekly pay
And we couldn't go a day without a starbucks
Or a McDonald's or walmart or taco bell
And we're always sure to hope for perfect conduct
Step out of line that cop will
Throw your ass in jail
Because now everyone smells fake
It's all perfumes and body sprays
we're just plastic dolled up
Remnants of what was the human race
If you ask me my option of this plastic humanity
I'll tell you it's a fucking disgrace

I wonder what this world
would really be like
Without the makeup and the purses and hairsprays
And I wonder what these people are really thinkin'
when they tell me shower wash your clothes and shave
Well I'll never smell like chemicals or stature
Look like those people on covers of magazines

Well I'll smell like holy hell
And look like shit as well
But at least I'm not some
plastic dolled up remnants of what people used to be
Track Name: Day Gaunts
Bugs in the kitchen and mold in the sink
Chuggin' down the whiskey and you never stop to think
What do we do tomorrow?
Bugs in the kitchen and mold in the sink
Chuggin' down the whiskey and you never stop to think
What do we do tomorrow?

I think I've had enough of these misery's
I've inflicted on myself
drownin' in a beer can flippin' into hell
but every single time I think I see a way
Add a little bit of light at the end of tunnel
It's like no ha! Got ya again
There's just no escape from this labyrinth
buried in mistake and dressed in self loathing
Vomit and blood to crust up my clothing
We've been drinkin' till we're not sure that we'll be alright
Till we're worried that one of us might not make it through the night
Now I'm over and I'm over now
It was fun when I was younger
but now I've got a path to chose
either clean up and get down
Or fuck up and tune out
Cause playin' music's all I really know how to do


I just wanna get some rest
I'm oh so tired of bein' wired all the time
And oh yes I can interact
but there's nobody home behind
these blood shot eyes
And my brain is runnin' on empty
And my nights are full of stupidity
I'm a hamster runnin' in a ball
at least the rat in the maze has a goal
Cause I wanted to be like Bill Hicks or Van Gogh
Drink absinthe shoot dope snort blow
Cause I thought art was discovered in the altered mind
But now I realize that clarity
entices the muses just as much as the LSD
I would use back in high school
Now there's not as much time to kill
But much rhymes to kill
So wake the fuck up and pass the booze

Track Name: Fate of a Coward (Feat. Jessica Flynn)
My mind is seeping
Into the darkness
My pulse is growing
Weaker by the moment
From fight each battle
in a war that can't be won
I might as well end it
With a single shot to my skull

Don't tell me
Don't tell me
That the worst is yet to come
Don't tell me
Don't tell me
There's no justice after all
That fate mapped it out so perfectly
To fight the regards
Of the coward

The years I spent scrubbing the blood I never shed
Encased in fear bound to repetition
You can't fool me no not anymore
I see the bastards grin
Through your confession


I wanna see you cower
In the screaming echoes of your past
I wanna see you cower
And burn this cycle into dust
I wanna see you cower
And self destruct
And if that's not enough

I'll haunt your dreams like you haunted mine
Claw at the sockets of your deceiving eyes
I'll make you rue the day
You ever laid your hands on me


Don't tell me
Don't tell me
That the worst is yet to come
Don't tell me
Don't tell me
There's no justice after all
That fate mapped it out so perfectly
To fight the regards
Of those cowards
Track Name: Dazed From the Dazzle of Decadence and Constantly Reminded of Death
Track Name: 1984
Soon we'll be scouring ravaged landscapes
scavenging scrapes of the city to salvage the past
The social divide between us and them
Has far surpassed the weight of our wallets

Electric minds
nothing mean anything
when we cheapen our genuine feelings
With a computer screen
Electric fingertips
to sell your soul to corporate demons
Marketing your life to fit the figures and the polls
Charting your consumption
To construct the perfect mold

I fuckin' give up playing catch up
I can't keep up you can keep it
If you cannot see the change
it's because it isn't there
The means to build technology
to perpetuate these trends
Costs us so much more than dollar and cents
in the end


Pull the wires from your teeth
Your fingers from the keys
Your spine from the cable
Your eyes from the screen (x4)

your entire life fits in the palms of their hands
Can't you see it's only getting worse
Humans have evolved into corporations
Can't you see this is 1984

Track Name: DBS Out
I wish we were leaving tomorrow you say
And I really can't blame you
cause I hate to stay in the same place too long
I swear it drives me insane
The smell of the air, the roads and the people
Become too familiar
no longer exciting to me
That's annoying I just want to get away

The monotony is killing me it's killing you
So what to do
Jump in the car and drive away
We'll worry about gasoline later
When we're broken down on interstate ten west
Cause I just cannot stand it here for any longer
And I fear that if I stay for one more day
I'll fire bomb this fucking place
So I better go cause I don't want to go to jail
Cause that place fucking sucks

And what if when we get back
to this town everything is different
All those familiar places
We once loved no longer exist
Well at least I'll still have you and you'll have me
That's all we need

I'm not saying that we're old
I just don't feel that we're still young
After all this time that we've been lost
So go for broke and fuck tomorrow
Cheat and steal and beg and borrow
Never even contemplate the cost

And we'll sing whoa whoa..

And what if when we get back
To this town everything is different
All those friendly faces
faded off into the distance
Well at least I'll still have you and you'll have me
That's all we need
Track Name: Tarnished Ol' Photograph
In this tarnished and old photograph
we race through a field of green
There was nothin' we held on our backs
We were young we were wild and free
When we got to bridge
where you almost passed out from the sweltering heat
I ran back to house
To grab you some water and somethin' to eat

And your skin is glistened in the sun
And what shown on the river reflections of love
And our smoke from our cigarettes
twirled through the wind
We twirled through the air and almost off the bridge
But you kept me from falling and I kept laughin'
the bird in the trees kept on ratt a tatt tattin'
the water below us it shimmered like gold
And I swore in that moment with you I'd grow old

And still to this day when I study your smile
I arrive at that bridge where I'll rest for a while
And chat with the birds
From that river of gold of mystery freedom and memory's old

In this optimistic and fresh photograph
We'll stand and hold hands at the start of a path
And we'll look to each other and tell one another
I love you, you wont' walk alone.
Track Name: Goodbye Lulu
c f c f c f g c f c f c f g c

Goodbye LuLu won't be seein' you again
stole your pack and boots and bibs and left you on the tracks
Goodbye lulu won't be seein' you again
you left home on a freight train you ain't never goin' back

Started hangin' out at punk shows and you got it in your head
to leave home on a freight train cause that's what the cool kids did
now you got some shitty stick and pokes and hepatitis c
smell like an unwiped asshole and your socks stick to your feet


It's a fifth of rum for breakfast and your shootin' up at lunch
all coked up in a walmart screamin' I don't give a fuck
your dog is fuckin' starvin' but you spend a bill on booze
your parents bought you nikes you prefer some tattered boots


Flew a sign and made some money now it's time to buy some food
fuck that let's buy some heroine I guess that's just as good
fuck a restaurant there's a dumpster let's see what treats lie inside
it's like Christmas everyday except the gifts are filled with flies

Track Name: Perfectly Dysfunctional
We've been the train sided out and broken up
The body left to decompose beneath the brush
We've seen each others blood tasted the salt of one another's sweat
We've been each others jail we've been each others escape
We've been each others hell we've been each others heaven
When did this run off the rails?
Where did we go wrong?

I can't just lie to you and claim not to crave dysfunction
I can't just lie to you and tell you IM alright
I can't lie to myself and pretend that I just can't remember
Because IM reminded every time I see the scars that dress my skin

Together we would lilt through a life shared
Though summery an incipient nightmare
More than some dalliance to leave two woebegone and torn
We rolled the dice and lost so now
We'll survive off the orts
Though of tragedy a beauteous mistake is often born

Like a days first breath like the smell of petrichor so fresh
It once left us wanting more
But now there's only the
Ashes of love notes to dirty the hearth
But not I'm not so sure

hate built from fucking each others lives up
Inured to a sinking ship still polishing the brass
For everything I may become ill forever credit you
Because no matter what whether good or bad it was together that we made it through
(it is together that well make it through.)
Track Name: Post Party Depression
Lose the tough guy facade
The world's a scary place
Everybody's afraid
Whether they'd like to admit or not
it's the truth

Sooner or later this party gets busted
And all your friends stumble back home
But you're the lose cannon
That could never be trusted
So you'll hide from the cops all alone

Tell me when the fire dies down
What the fuck will you do?
When the man comes around
what the fuck will you do?
Who's gonna be there to catch you
When your plans all fall through
When you were flyin' your white flag
Who never gave up on you

The future is terrifying
It constantly plagues my mind
Where will I be in ten years
Will I be homeless?
Or buried?
Have children and be married?
Or will I still be stuck standin' right here?
Either way it's been a privilege
to have had time to spend
with my wonderful family and friends
So I toast to all of you
And to all that you do
You're fuckin' awesome don't you ever forget it


Build up your confidence
will lead to have a breakdown
And every morning that you wake up's just a let down
Find yourself a comfort or two
Adjust until your face down black out fucked up
Just to help yourself forget
The world we live in is a terrifying place
Who will be ones who are there
When the rest have gone away
The ones who've turned their back on you
They're staggerin' off the plank
Come back a fuckin' cannon
Blow 'em away
and watch them sink


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