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by Days N' Daze and Night Gaunts

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emmrose thumbnail
emmrose it's a ska-folk punk split, what's not to love? Favorite track: NIGHT GAUNTS-Nights & Daze.
Brian Sant
Brian Sant thumbnail
Brian Sant I got this album at their show. Both of these bands are freaking great and I want more music from both of them. This is one of those splits that just makes you want to dance. Favorite track: NIGHT GAUNTS-Post Party Depression (Days N' Daze Cover).
Die kleine My
Die kleine My thumbnail
Die kleine My What the fuck will you do? Favorite track: NIGHT GAUNTS-Post Party Depression (Days N' Daze Cover).
Ryn thumbnail
Ryn Such an amazing split. There's a single song I don't like as much as the rest (Vent) but every other song is a gem.
John Large
John Large thumbnail
John Large you guys really know how to do a great split Favorite track: DAYS N' DAZE-Mosquitoes (Night Gaunts Cover).
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Awwwwwwwwwww! Yeah!\ \ Sweaty from the heat baby NYC!\ In a park full foreigners\ Treading off the beat\ Feeling oh so small looking up at these walls\ We gave power to kids who can destroy the world\ Now they sit in offices\ Behind desks in grey\ I can not say they're evil, man\ They're just playing the game\ And it\'92s the game we've gotta play\ We all make our own path\ You've gotta do the math \ Survival\'85 it's just for a laugh\ Don't you go wasting it\ Oh put it to the test \ Get out on your own and try to do your best!\ Don't you go wasting it\ Put it to the test \ Don't let these motherfuckers get you down!\ Ooo we can always take it back\ Oh we can always take it\ Back to days when we had 8 dollars\ Q-tip was on the deck\ Brooklyn's Tuesday night\ \ So little money in my pocket\ What to do?\ I never went to Uni\ Will I ever make it through?\ To have music as a goal\ Is scary to me\ Because every time I look around I think oh my god\ I've gotta save money\ Gotta go back on tour\ I've gotta hang out with my friends\ I gotta be a lover I've gotta help my girlfriend more than anything in the world but Oh what am I ever gonna do?
We are nothing but the Rudest!\ Haha!\ \ It doesn't matter!\ \ I miss him\ I miss him greatly\ The kid with the smile that could skate all day see\ I really felt he had it all\ I really think he had it\ \ What a!\ What a motherfucker\ Smoked too much ganja he must've Little boy playing in the trees\ You and me we are not the same \ \ So I'm writing\ So I'm writing with the lights on\ With the fan\ With the fan cooling me down\ Can it get\ Can it get any hotter?\ \ Jessica doesn't think so\ She makes a cool mojito\ And takes it to the lobby\ This way she thinks she's on holiday\ \ Please tell me now if we\'92re ever going back\ That look in her eyes telling pictures of a new life\ Okay let's both go on a trip\ Nights n Daze\ I live for this Hop to the docks\ Set sail today\ I gotta get to ahead\ I gotta pull my weight\ Stand up stop Laying around\ Get ya head off the ground\ \ I\'92ve seen him\ I\'92ve seen him lately\ The kid with the beer\ That he bought on sale see\ I really felt he had it all\ I really think he had it What a\ What a motherfucker\ Smoked too much\ Ganja he must\'92ve\ Little boy playing in the street\ You and me we are not the same
Peel the mask away drop the masquerade\ Lose the tough guy facade \ The world's a scary place \ Everybody's afraid \ Whether they\'92d like to admit or not\ It's the truth \ Lose the tough guy facade \ The world's a scary place \ Everybody's afraid \ Whether they'd like to admit or not \ it's the truth \ \ Sooner or later this party gets busted \ And all your friends stumble back home \ But you're the lose cannon \ That could never be trusted \ So you'll hide from the cops all alone \ Again \ \ CHORUS \ Tell me when the fire dies down \ What the fuck will you do? \ When the man comes around \ what the fuck will you do? \ Who's gonna be there to catch you \ When your plans all fall through \ When you were flyin' your white flag \ Who never gave up on you \ \ The future is terrifying \ It constantly plagues my mind \ Where will I be in ten years \ Will I be homeless? \ Or buried? \ Have children and be married? \ Or will I still be stuck standin' right here? \ Either way it's been a privilege \ to have had time to spend \ with my wonderful family and friends \ So I toast to all of you \ And to all that you do \ You're fuckin' awesome don't you ever forget it \ \ CHORUS \ \ Build up your confidence \ will lead to have a breakdown \ And every morning that you wake up's just a let down \ Find yourself a comfort or two \ Adjust until your face down black out fucked up \ Just to help yourself forget \ The world we live in is a terrifying place \ Who will be ones who are there \ When the rest have gone away \ The ones who've turned their back on you \ They're staggerin' off the plank \ Come back a fuckin' cannon \ Blow 'em away \ and watch them sink}
Yo now we're back With your new favorite track and Gettin' ready to attack with the music that you've lacked Yeah it's been a lil while but we'll still make ya smile Rippin' through ya body with that Night Gaunts style I've been outta action, lacking in passion Drained through and through and I hadn't a clue Progress was slow but now I'm unleashing the beast within once again is breathing So come and get me now So come and get me now Smash through the barrier The body is the carrier To show you things that you've never seen before Never ever never ever never ever ever seen before Gone in flash that second's never coming back Shifting with the weather now I'm lighter than a feather Like water off a duck no one really gives a fuck It's just the battle within that we're all trying to win Close up shop and wait for the beat to drop Ya never saw it coming till lying down looking up Another year of thinking has got me closer to myself But am I everyone else? You know I laugh out loud So come and get me now So come and get me now Smash through the barrier The body is the carrier To show you things that you've never seen before Never ever never ever never ever ever seen before Torn between ideas I evaluate my path Towards the center of being shifting gears to get past The negative vibes where failure resides Smash them up and let the positive thrive So come and get me now So come and get me now So come and get me now So come and get me now You can do anything you want to!
 I’m so fucking sick and tired 
Of the same old situation
 And the same old goddamn problems
 Can’t escape from the cage
I built myself inside my brain
 I locked myself in the cell and threw the key away Obsessive compulsive, addicted, impulsive And fucked in the head
 And I’ll never change 

 Same shit on a different day 
You work work work 
 Till you waste away
 What’s the point
 What’s the reason for breathing
 When nothing’s exciting 
 And nobody’s dreamin’

 Just keep runnin’ in place Keep a steady pace
 In the rat race time keeps ticking down 
Add another tally to the cell wall
 Work until they dress ya up And drop you six feet down
 And you let you’re eyes glaze over 
Stomp out your fire and phone it in leave your black clothes hung up in the closet Cause how can mourn A life never lived
 CHORUS (x2) Imagine one day you wake up And realize that all of the shit that you got
I s just arbitrary and monetary 
 Cause somewhere along the way you forgot
 Forgot how to play
 Forgot how to dream
 Never saw all the places you wanted to see
 But don’t worry my friend 
I promise that there’s still time Burn all the couches
 Tear down the schools
 Fuck all the bosses
 Defy all the rules
 It’s there for the taking
 Remember that it’s your life New chance every single day
 To chew off the collar and pave the way
 Go out and set the world on fire 
If your hearts still beating in your chest 
 Why wait? (x2)

I’ve been a lot of fucking places 
But they’re all pretty much the same 
I’ve met a whole shit load of people
 And only a handful 
 Don’t drive me completely insane
 And I’ve got a lot of bullshit problems
 So does everybody else It’s hard to find the energy to solve them 
It’s easier to hide out and sleep
In the van by myself 
Cause nothing ever works out right Every day can’t be the best day
 In fact a lot feel like the worst
 The stress puts pressure 
On the inside of my skull
I swear to god my head is gonna burst
 And every time the clouds clear up 
The sun comes out 
 And I think that I’m okay 
Another dark cloud comes rollin‘ in 
To rain on my fucking parade 
If there’s a god it must hate me
 Cause nothing ever works out right CHORUS
 When all the beer is spilt 
 I won’t just sit and cry about it
 I got a good head on my shoulders
 And I’m capable
 So it’s back to the grindstone
 I’ll make it work this time
Go! Parking ticket
 Lost the keys
 Sticky valve
 Broken strings
I hate my friends and they hate me
 There’s not enough ramen to eat
 Spange up change to buy some booze
 Forget for a minute that we’re born to lose 
When life gave you lemons
 But you lost lemons
 So now you’re fucked 
 Cause nothing works out right CHORUS (x2)
Your a poison 
 A parasite
 Your a broken rung 
The ceiling the deadbolt
 It’s taken so long 
For me to finally see
 The person you are
 And I have my vices 
 Yeah I have my flaws 
I know I’m a fuck up 
 And I know I’ve been lost
 But at least I admit it
 Don’t just try and twist it
 To make myself look like a saint Keep picking the scabs 
 So the wounds never heal
 I resent what was once my achilles heal Now I’m hardened and hateful 
Encased in chainmail 
Rigid dejected aware Rattle off scurrility 
In attempt to get a rise out of me 
But I’m so far beyond that stupid shit
 That used to shake me
 So keep your gums flapping 
 To keep me afloat
 Devil dealing recreant colluder 
You’re a snake in the grass
 Your agenda with a wicked intent
 You’re a liar in a sheep skin mask The time comes now to cast out The shrill vexatious voice 
The time comes now for you to realize 
That life my love my choice Goodbye 
 Good riddance
 God speed
 So long
 You’ll get no more pity from me
 When I leave this shitty city 
And you’re all alone 
 And your ship has sailed
 Fuck you
 Good riddance 
God speed 
 So long
 You’ll get no more pity from me 
When I leave this shitty city
 And you’re all alone 
And your ship has sailed


1-2-Written and recorded by Night Gaunts
3-Written by Days N' Daze Recorded by Night Gaunts
4-Written by Night Gaunts recorded by Days N' Daze
5-7-Written and recorded by Days N' Daze

Night Gaunts:


Paul Jonassen - Vocals, Guitar, Programming, Synths/Organs, Trombone
Hayden - Bass, Backing Vocals
Simon - Drums. Backing Vocals
Jacob - Tenor Sax, Backing Vocals
Daniel - Guitar, Piano, Synths/Organs, Backing Vocals
Kotone - Melodica, Backing Vocals
Ben - Tambourine

Days N' Daze:
Jesse Sendejas- Vocals/Guitar/Banjo/Mandolin
Whitney Flynn- Vocals/Trumpet/Uke
Geoff Bell- Gutbucket
Meagan Michelle- Washboard


released April 2, 2015

CREDITS: Night Gaunts- Recorded at “The Plex” in Albany (Before the mall!) Paul Jonassen - Producer, Engineer, Mixer Ben Hall - Co-Producer, Mixer Mastered by Chris Chetland at Kog Studio

Days N Daze: Recorded by Jesse Sendejas in Richmond,TX at the Sendehaus


all rights reserved



Days N Daze Houston, Texas

Hey!! We're just some folks who enjoy playin' tunes. Hope you're doin' well all things considered, and if ya ever need anything please don't hesitate to ask!! Jessesendejasdnd@gmail.com <3 -je-C


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