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Sweater Weather Records
Distribution: All We've Got Records

Mix and Master: Jesse Edward Sendejas
Compression: Andrew Hoskins


released March 23, 2017

Jesse Sendejas- Vocals, Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Bass, Harmonica and Percussion
Whitney Flynn- Vocals, Trumpet and Guitar
Meagan Meloncon- Washboard
Geoff Bell- Gutbucket

Track 1: Verse 3 Written By Jesse Markus (Juicy Karkass)
Track 2: Vocals Freddie Boatright (Sidewalk Slammers)
Track 6: Written By Jacob Combs (RCI)
Track 11: Verse 3 Written By Joey Steel (All Torn Up, rime)
Track 15: Verse 3 Written By Scott Sturgeon (Leftover Crack, Star Fucking Hipsters & Choking Victim)

Gang Vocals:
Catherine Darshad
Marissa Sendejas
Koi Page
Micah Butler


all rights reserved



Days N Daze Houston, Texas

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Track Name: I Wanna See It Burn (Feat. Juicy Karkass)
I wanna see it burn
The wasted mind the plastic world
With all the substance sucked out
What’s the point
Shoveling coal into a furnace
In a vessel with a tear in the hole
When every forming eyes infected with
Some pornographic nightmare
Growing pissing on the ashes
The ones who set the stage

It seems this realizations esoteric
When arts only about a profit
What’s cheap to make and satisfies the rotting mind
When partying and getting laid
Becomes the first priority
The novegoched the cavalcade of tragedy
We’re just waiting for the bomb

Mainstream, music, television
It’s just a distraction (x6)
To keep you from noticing
The innocent buried in your front yard
The fragments of bones
Beneath the white picket fences
Que the moral guidelines
To fit the current profitable trends
With all the feeling gone
You can barely call it art
The wild ones would never walk into the bullet
But to fit the mold
We would cut our hearts out
Lead the cash cow to the slaughter
We ache for something real

The emptiness tempts me, I feel paranoid,
with millions of noises, I still hear its voice
try to numb it, avoid it, to kill it or poison it,
till it's destroyed but it still doesn't fill up the void
it always feels like something's missing
But i don't know what it is and I'm stuck in this tunnel vision,
While there's millions of children still sick and hunger-stricken
I'm just sitting back and waiting for these fuckin' drugs to kick in
as the plot just thickens, the clock is ticking away
and the cost of living is raised, but not the minimum wage
and I'm so sick of this basement I've been sitting for days in
With a loaded revolver and this abyss that i gaze in
And the chasm gazing back is awful hard to distinguish
from the darkness once the spark inside my heart is extinguished
so I'll relinquish my convictions in the face of resistance, I mean,
dead or alive, it really doesn't make any difference, it seems

CH (x2)
We’re just waiting for the bomb (x3)
Track Name: To Risk To Live (Feat. Freddie Boatright)
She said I’ve got two kids and a grave plot
Right next to my day job
And my husbands grave is parallel to mine
And when we die we’ll go to heaven
Cause we spent our whole lives beggin’
For mercy from some old man in the sky
I said well doesn’t that seem silly
When theres so much left to see and do
Don’t get me wrong
Just be yourself
But darlin’ bet if I were you
I go on cut my loses, burn the bills
Say fuck the bosses
And live a life adventurous and new

Well I met a college student
At the library last week
Eating adderall and crammin’ for a test
He said I’m sorry but I can’t talk right now
If I don’t get a 4.0 I’ll never get a good job like my dad
I said don’t work for your entire life
Just to save up for a coffin
Don’t put too much stake in your grades and rank
Just realize and remember
There’s other places to travel to
Then your job, the supermarket and the bank

Don’t waste your best years
Just livin’ for somebody else
Don’t waste your best years
Just hidden behind a desk
Don’t waste your best years
They’re the only ones you’ll ever get
So why not play life closer to the chest
Track Name: Note Idol
I cant decide between what i love and Whats good for me
The beaten path is so calm and safe and warm
Just the thought of familiar streets makes my stomach churn
A house is not always a home

May we never die bored may we never grow old
May we never die sick may we always live bold
Sometimes I miss the calm and I miss a home
But I love to rage and I love to roam
And i hate the fucking stench of languid air
Sure a roof and bed and meal is nice
But hell I’m a man who likes to roll the dice
So i think I’ll take my chances livin’
Instead of just survivin’ even if its a shorter life so


And I’ve made up my mind now I’ll never stop movin’
To settles to give in to welcome the tomb
And I’d rather thrive in the scars
And burns bite marks and bruises
Than wither away in some small white walled room
Cause the stable the stagnant the sickening still
The death-like serenity's poised for the kill
My mind soul and body
How quickly they atrophy introduced back to that bane (plague)
Called complacency
Track Name: Saturday Night Palsy
My mind's a malicious predator
Always poised to attack
Constantly creating worry
To weight my weary back
Self medicating only works so long
And then I lapse
Into a solipsistic coma
Cause the stress is just too much for me to grasp

With money and dependency
Relationships and obligations
Sometimes it's too much
And i just wanna fucking die
Curl up with a bottle of everclear
A sandwich baggie full of pills
Salute good riddance to the day
And slip into the night
Into a place

Where the past is the past
And what's done is done
And the only concern we have is having fun
Where the cops all turn their heads the other way

Whenever shit gets way too heavy
And I feel I’m all alone
I just remember that some day
I’ll make an urn or cast my home
Though it might seem morbid
I find comfort in the fact
That the stress and pain we feel in this life
Won’t much longer last

CH. (x3)

Where the past is the past
And what's done is done
And the only concern we have is having fun
When all the cops are corpses and we’re free
Track Name: Self-Loathing
All my heroes are human
And my gods are all dead
And hopes hard to find
So I’ll hide out in bed
I harbor a hatred
For anyone left with
A fragment of a smile

I sewed on the bottle
And that didn’t help
It only brought clarity
Back to this hell
It made me confront me
That maybe I might need
A break from myself for a while

And now I know myself a bit too well
And I’m not sure I like what I’ve become
Self loathing is overwhelming
Every mirror is a loaded gun

The past is the past
And what’s done is done
There’s no takin’ back
All the times I’ve fucked up
I misplaced my hatred
And traded in love
For a feeling so fleeting
And countless apologizes

Cause I’m not one for much
To learn from my mistakes
I tend to hide behind the habits I can’t shake
If you really knew me
I’m not sure you’d like me
So I’ll remain concealed in regret


Can we change or are our ways too set in stone (x4)
Track Name: Exhausted Insomniac (RCI Cover)
First breath you taste when you wake up tomorrow
Will taste worse than it ever has before
I was hoping you were staying around
And I came to as soon as you
Closed the door behind you

I don’t care anymore
Crazy how things change I’m not who I was before
But I kept the name
Of an exhausted insomniac
Who finally worried herself to sleep
I’m too tired to react
To all of the promises you didn’t keep

Take a look at the sky when you wake up tomorrow
And tell me if you see anything
Looked up once or twice this week and it was empty
I put lightbulb outside the window
To make it look like the sun was shining

But it don’t shine here anymore
Hasn’t in these parts for a while
Nobody goes out doors
Not even to play with their inner child
Everyone is already scared
I’m gonna make them jump, cry, wail, and scream
Nobody came prepared
They were distracted by what they believe
What they believe means nothing to me
Anyone can write books for a living
To me it’s all a scheme
To get everyone to see one vision
I may be a jackass if I say so myself
I will make it rain on your parade
Sitting in the corner rocking back and forth
Telling myself not to be afraid
Track Name: Insta Mental Breakdown
I had a dream last night
Of an old man and a little girl
Who lived in a rickety old house
With a hundred other people
And they would move this house
From town to town
Every night they would settle somewhere new
The little girl would fall down stairs
And hurt herself from the ruckus of the old house
So she went up to the old man
Shaking on a ledge and asked
“Will I ever stop stumbling?”
The old man looked at the little girl and said
“You were never meant to be here
Your bones were made for the riches of life
But you got lost and ended up here
But as you grow and as you fall
Your bones will become strong
And soon you will call this place your home.”
Track Name: Devil's Hour
Now I’m weighing out my options
But the devil’s hours growing near
Restless legs keep shakin’
I don’t know how long I can stay here
Cause every city and in between
All feels the same to me
I swear this life
Will be the death of me

No matter what I do or say
Selfless selfish it’s all the same
Blood, sweat, and tears
Countless years
Branded, hands tied, disrespected
Let’s see how far
This dead horse can fall

Cause you’re too crazy to love
That’s what you always said to me
As you pressed your body close to mine
You tried to break all the good still left in me
I’ll crawl farther than you’ve walked
Now watch me pick it up

Rage against the tattered planks
Sifting through the cesspool
Of forgotten memories
And trudge through the fallen pillars
Of a city built to crumble
As we waste away
Prioritize and memorize
A script to fit the string of lies
Just forgotten numbers
On a windmill of corpses

Well I’ve stumbled from your shadow
No longer property
To your hateful schemes
Translucent bones have turned to steel
To pity the weak fool
Track Name: Wholesale Failure
Does it matter if i live or die once im dead the sky will
‘Cause i’m no catalyst for change just another breathing thing
Takin’ up a bit o’ room
Everything’s so fucked it’s comical
Waking ups a drag
And the worst parts that i know this isn’t even close
To how devastatingly bad everything is gonna get
Life’s a joke i’m anticipating the punchline
I’m drunk so i’m just fine but soon i’ll be sober and broke
Down and out for the Nth time and all aloooooone

And i welcome writers block with wide open arms
Because if i’m not writing i’m happy
Writing is just an escape from the day to day tragedy
I find surrounds me
Would it matter if we just quit breathing our hearts could cease beating
Life’s a gamble and tomorrow’s never promised
So fuck it i say let’s roll the dice
Everything’s so fucked it’s comical waking ups a drag
And the worst parts that i know this isn’t even close
To how devastatingly sad everything is gonna get
Well i’m payin’ outta pocket for wholesale failure (he said it!! He said the title!!)
And every little victory feels so underwhelming
When all that i can think about is how the story ends
And all the lessons that i’ve yet to learn
There’s the future the past and we’re stuck in between
In the only place that i feel comfortable if i could freeze
Every second hand bet
That i would before everything goes to hell in a handbag
But time will keep on tickin’
And the earth won’t soon quit spinnin’
Despite what we want who we are what we fear
What we feel someday we all must die
Take one more breath and say goodbye
Do we obsess over success and failure
As long as we’re breathing we’re all alright
So here’s to conceding i’m aware now i’m part of the plight
Everything’s so fucked it’s comical waking ups a drag
But the best parts that right now we’re still alive
We can restart we can dive into the lives we want
And make the best of the time that we’ve got left!!
Track Name: Days N Daze of Our Lives
Thinkin’ back thinkin’ back to the good days
I realized they were shit days
And I was just too hammered to notice
A moment of sobriety sure sheds
A lot of light upon the truth
Once upon a time
I truly thought you were our friend
But it turns out you're a black hole
You consume till nothing's left
You project your insecurities on others
And it makes me fucking sick

All we did was give and give
And all you did was take
You told us that you cared about us
You’re a fucking fake
Cause in your eyes your Jesus Christ
Yeah I’m so sure

You drive me crazy
You drive me to drink
I hope you drive your car off a cliff
You self obsessed asshole
I was so much better off after you split
You drive me insane
You drive me out of my head
If it’s between living with you and death
I’m better off dead
I sincerely hope our paths never cross again

I hate to say but I’d find it entertaining
If you sat on a tack or got stuck in the rain
Or if you got super high
Went and bought lucky charms
When you poured yourself a bowl
All the marshmallows were gone
Every Time you play guitar
I hope you break A & G
Every Time you find a 40 oz
Its filled up with my pee
I hate to say I wish these things on you
But you deserve it cause there’s no excuse
To be such an aloof and shitty person

All we did was give and give
And all you did was take
You told us that you cared about us
You’re a fucking fake
Cause in your eyes your Jesus Christ
Yeah I’m so sure

Track Name: Save a Life (Feat. Joey Steel)
Save a life kill a cop
badges shine while bodies drop
red and blue light floods the streets
highlights another tragedy
you reached for your ID too quick
now you're just another statistic
another innocent in a pool of blood
I guarantee that pig'll walk

Better mind your p's and q's
or johnny law will come for you
their power trippin terrorists
they feed off your obedience
so prick your ears up know your rights
chew your leash off join the fight

They don't serve and protect you
they'll kill and neglect you
to them their the boot you're the bug
They don't serve and protect you
they'll kill and neglect you
so go save a life kill a cop

Oh all these cops
They’re all the same
With racist laws and lead starved brains
These nightmare nation
Stole black lives still murder ‘em
And our classless dreams
These police should mind what we say
We live for justice
So they must die today


How many more new stories
do you need to fucking see
until you realize that the enemy
is the murderous police
sure you can turn a blind eye
til it happens to somebody that you love

this problem it's a real one
it affects both you and me
the police are getting out of hand
it don't take much to see
the system that's flawed
bound to end in catastrophe

Track Name: Little Blue Pills Pt. 4
I wish that i could stay with you
I’m dyin’ havin’ dreams of you
You were a diamond in the rough
Right when the times were gettin’ tough
I swear to fuckin’ god ya saved my life
I was about to give a bj to a double barrel bloody up a knife
But now at least i have one memory
That doesn’t make me suicidal
Needles don’t seem quite as present
Alcohol ain’t such a bother
Cause now the only high i chase I’ll only catch by gettin’ back to you

Bounced around from town to town
Always settled to rebound
Never found the time to realize what made me happy
Suddenly I’m pushing 80
Heartstrings bent my heart is racing
Just to crash into that abandoned dead end quarry
But at least I felt something to call me lucky
A light that shined so bright just to blind me
Forever will I sing that I love you

Love is just a breeze
In the middle of a hurricane
Restitch the timeline and I swear that we’d both go insane
Engaged to death got nothin’ left
But everything will be alright

And I’ve been told before I fall in love too easy
But life’s too short to beat around the bush believe me
How can ya blame me for knowin’ what i want
It’s been forever since i let myself be vulnerable
And it’s terrifying ‘cause the years of hatred took their toll
Is it really fuckin’ possible for once i have a chance to just be happy

I heard that broken record sing
Between the lines of you and me
Trapped beneath the discourse
Of life’s untold tragedies
I gambled hands against my life
Came up short too many times
Awoke to find the ghost of who I was before
Love and Hate, Sadness and Rage
I’ve learned to find my own sunshine
Through these cloudy fucked up times
The gears are moving forward
To a future calm with less disorder
In this lonesome heart of mine

(Jesse) When I’m eating pills on a piss stained mattress
Floating on an ocean of empty bottles of booze
In a trashed out room hungover as fuck
And I’ve lost count of the days
When I’m at my lowest you’re always there to pick me up
You’re the wind at my sails when i wanna give up
You’ve given me a peace of mind
That once upon a time
I never thought I’d find until in silent acquiescence
I did rest my eyes to die but now were together and so alive

(Whitney) Eating pills on a pissed stained mattress
Radio transmitter has turned to static
I’m lying awake to a past I can’t replace
And I’ve lost count of the days
Staggered through
A rough few months to a rough few years
A lonesome heart gets buried to grow something brand new

Track Name: World War 3
Sit down n eat your supper and gaze at the evening news
Another riot started up today across the globe from
But until the tear gas shatters through a window of your home
You’ll just sit back relax and say it’s not your problem
Another innocent killed by a cop today
But hey i guess thats just the way things go

Another school another gun
Another hundred dead another horrid tragedy
That could've been prevented
An open talk a gun safe lock
A million solutions but no one took the time
Cause surely it’ll never happen to them
Another bullied kid took a gun to school today
But hey i guess that’s just the way things go

The next world war is just around the corner
Blinded by the glitz and glam disease
Sirens wail the anthem of a generation frozen in apathy
You can’t just change the channel with the war at your doorstep
Whit: you can’t deny there’s bliss in ignorance
But you can’t ignore a fuckin’ bullet lodged inside your chest

Whitney: You can’t deny there’s bliss in ignorance
But you can’t ignore a fucking bullet
Lodged inside your chest

Je-C: if we don’t do somethin’ soon we’re fucked
We’ll be bringin’ up our kids in a warzone ‘cause we’re livin’ in a timebomb
Tick tick tickin’ away and it’s so much easier to stay inside
And stay docile and just deny that all the while
We could’ve been the fix but fed the problem and now maybe it’s too late
Track Name: Anchor
Blacked out nights and tragic letters
Empty pockets distorted pleasures
This winters lasted years it seems
I gave up once to give up twice
Still searching for some good advice
I’m a fool now that it’s over
How many times will it take
It’s about none of you This one falls on me
And my calloused hands
Pull shards of glass from my bedside
Prayin on my kneesLord have mercy on me

So print it out and put it on display
This life is just a massacre of insolent dismay
When i close my eyes
At the death of the sunrise
I know yes I know
It’s not my turn
Not my turn to die

Got scattered coins on a bridge that’s burning
Blood drenched sky on my white wedding
I’d like to take this time to sincerely apologize
I had bottled thoughts I was drinking
Crushed up pain was cuttin
The stories all the same
Shifting seasons fall for change
And my sleeping child she still breaths
Buried under scarred flesh Trapt in my memories
While my calloused hands
Pull shards of glass on my bedside
Prayin’ on my knees No one will have mercy on me


I got blacked out nights and tragic letters
Empty pockets distorted pleasures
This winters lasted years
Track Name: The Abliss (Feat. Scott Sturgeon)
Too many friends are asleep inside pine boxes
Suicide by abuse of a toxins
Cause it’s easier to run away
Then to deal with the bullshit of the day to day
And I really can’t blame you
Most days it’s hard to find a scrap of hope
Should’ve been there to help you cope
But I was locked up in the brig
Of the same damn boat

Why should I sugarcoat it
We’re all gonna die
If we escape the coarse easily coerced
I guarantee next time
I see you you’ll be strapped down to a bed
All cloaked in white
Rotting from the inside out beneath fluorescent lights
For the love of god do as I say not as I do
I may not care about myself
But I care about you
Kid I’ve been there and I’ve done that
It ain’t pretty it ain’t worth it
So trust me stay the fuck away
And you’ll be okay

These lives are only ours to live
These sins are just ours to forgive
This stigma might wear thin
A life in pain, a love in vain
The veins & skin all weathered from a pin

You never felt desire, might cast your soul on fire
You can’t understand their fear, ____ you refuse see them clearer
Victims of this crooked game, (all) trapped inside a world insane,
You cast aside, mere shadows in a funhouse mirror


Life’s a minefield a treacherous road
Call me selfish but I don’t want to travel it alone
So burn the crutches and mend the bones
Cause we’ve still got so many miles to go

Stay awake stay alive
we've been building our demons
through the comfort of lies
with injections and bottles
we poison the mind
but don't crumble beneath
stay awake stay alive

Stay awake stay alive
think of all of us here left behind
I know it's painful
the sickness contrived
but you're stronger than you know
so put up a fight​
Track Name: Crustfall
I can no longer discern
Whether the sun is rising
Or if its setting inching closer to my own demising
Becomes so apparent what's important to me
You can say it sounds cliche
But friends all come and go away
My family’s been here to stay
They stuck with me through darker days
When I was brownin out
And fallin’ out and fuckin’ up
They stuck around to help me out
And never once gave up on me

I don’t know maybe they should’ve
Shit ya know I sure as hell would’ve
I’ll never possess the poise
It takes to deal with me
Cause I’m a thief, a drunk, a cheat, a liar
Beneath my deathbed awaits that fire
Cause I’ve wasted time
Tryin to find what’s so simple to see

That world’s a scary fucked up place
To on your own have to navigate
So to the people who compose my compass
A few words to you

Well I know times runnin out
So before ya lay my body down
Before ya dress me up
And drop me six feet down
I wanna make sure that you know
I love you and thanks for puttin up
With all my shit

We’re all just thrown into this world
Expected to exist
To carve a niche and carry on
Without slitting your wrists
But when the stress is just too much
To grasp without any support
Your mind will splinter
Verging on collapse
You're walking in a corpse
When the chips are down
It’s nice to have somebody in your corner
Just to have your back
And tell you everything will be alright
It fucking kills me that I’ve ever
Taken my loved ones for granted
It’s true what they say
You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone

The one thing I fear the most
Is losing anyone I care about
To only ever get to see
them smile in old photographs
The scribbles on our epitaphs
May not be set in stone
I know sometimes it’s hard for me to show it
I love you more than you will ever know it


Well I know times runnin out
So before ya lay my body down
Before ya dress me up
Commit me to the ground

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