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We Never Said It Was Good

by Days N Daze

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Freedom Song 03:21
The place where I feel tangible the place where I feel free down by the railroad tracks where the rail ties meet my feet watch the train cars roll on by pick one that I like run up and hop right on I'm going for a ride CHORUS Cause some days freedom don't seem real it's a feeling deep inside like when you hop a train or ride a bike with a loved one by your side it's not hard to find just look around get off your ass and leave your home cause you won't find freedom on your ass watching TV all alone light your bed on fire go sleep in the woods open up a can of beans use a rock as a spoon cause all you've got are your hopes and dreams that belong to only you say fuck society fuck the world and leave them to their doom CHORUS Cause some days freedom don't seem real it's a feeling deep inside like when you running naked down the street with the cops not far behind it's not hard to find just look around get off your ass and leave your home cause you won't find freedom on your ass watching TV all alone Let's go pick some flowers let's go climb some trees let's forget our worries and do just what we please cause the world makes freedom an object that seems far out of reach but it's in our hearts it's in our souls you got to take the opportunity CHORUS Cause some days freedom don't seem real it's a feeling deep inside like the stick and poke you got last night when you puked and almost cried it's not hard to find just look around get off your ass and leave your home cause you won't find freedom on your ass watching TV all alone some days freedom don't seem real it's a feeling deep inside like wandering through life with just your heart as your guide it's not hard to find just look around get off your ass and leave your home cause you won't find freedom on your ass watching TV all alone some days freedom don't seem real it's a feeling deep inside
H-Town 02:37
Just a few kids
 Comin’ straight from Htown 
Representin’ super stylin’
 While we’re makin’ our rounds 
 Collectin’ cash straight bills 
Like Benjamins honey 
 We’ll pull a glock on your ass 
If you don’t got our money
 We run these street like a marathon
 We’re king shit
 Sizzleippin’ on that sizzurp 
Always down to get lit
 Keep it thuggin’ super fly
 Double time on the high 
I keep it gangster when I’m rollin’
 Got hydraulics on my ride Rollin’ down the street snackin’ on cheerios 
 Sippin’ that apple juice 
Laid back
I got my mind on my music 
 And my music on my mind
 Don’t bitch if you get your ass kicked
 For talkin’ mad shit 
Cause hey,
 You’re the one who said it
 Bust a cap in your punk ass
 And we won’t regret it When we flowin’ the mic
 We drop more bombs than the army
 We wreck shop so hard
 That it could be alarming 
 To some 
But those bitches need to man up quick
 And grow a set of balls
 Before we whoop that trick
 We pimp hoes
 And own expensive clothes
 We got our Gucci
 Got Versace and our rolex to go
 With our gats 
 AK47s hangin’ out the window
 Of a cadillac 
Rat A Tat tat tat tat tat I hate it when you call me big poppa 
 Cause I’m self conscious about my weight 
 Throw your hands in the air 
If you want another sirloin steak When we’re rollin’ in our Volkswagen beetle 
Down the highway
 We’re steady at the speed limit
 Cruisin’ in the right lane 
Don’t fuck with us
 That’s what we’re here to say 
 We failed recess 
 Cause we don’t play
I'm on my way to Santa Barbara California all by myself in an el Camino drivin' along the border the trip's half the fun but the destination will be so much better I'm feelin' freedom like I've never felt before I'm untethered from the world CHORUS Well I don't know no i don't know what to do so I'll just go I'll run away I'll run away forever well I'll just go no I won't slow down nothing could bring me back to this town except for you except for you I'm on a train all I got's a backpack and my leather no end in sight just traveling I'm under perfect weather don't know my destination I'm on a one way trip to wherever I'm just glad to get away from where I've been forever CHORUS Well now I know now i know what to do so I'll never go I'll stay right here I'll stay with you forever well I could go don't have to slow down nothing is keeping me in this town except for you except for you
sycophantic apathetic all the shit you got you take for granted really makes you look pathetic ya know there isn't any truth to anything your sayin' you think you got the answers but you're wrong you have no credit to show cause you stupid and your selfish your ignorant and helpless you got no moral values your lower than low and to me it seems like your barely a human being you got no feelings or conscience oh no no no no CHORUS Your just a stupid little whiny upper middle class brat so tell me what the fuck your goin' to do about that you going to sue me well i don't got much to take stupid little whiny upper middle class brat so tell me what the fuck your goin' to do about that you going to sue me I'll kick your lawyer in the face Your so conceded you think your undefeated but you seem like a total fucking loser to me and your huge ego will never make up for all the friends you left behind running to the drug store I've tried to respect you I've tried to accept you but every time i find myself racing for the door cause your so damn inconsiderate surprised your not illiterate you never take a moment just to listen and learn CHORUS
The judge presides over the courts And decides what kind of drugs to snort And the cheating wife Regrets the nights Of pointless sex that wrecked her life And the crooked cop that rapes and kills And makes those crooked cop drug deals And the walking dead that most forgot Just roam the streets to starve and rot And the streets themselves so long ago Were full of wonder and filled with hope Now just smolder ash and soot Beneath another combat boot And fancy corporate business men Buy forests just to clear the land To put up shopping malls and bars To meet consumers stiff demands In third world countries children starve Beg for food and slowly die America with spoiled kids Don't get their toys they shout and cry Are you truly proud of whats become A world so cold a world so numb Well I do think we need a change If we wanna save our dying race And this song just might be the start To ignite a flame you need one spark And I hope that flame can burn away The suffering the hate and pain These two chords may save the world Save the country rich and poor And if they do then I can die content But until they do well I'll sustain I'll play these chords through snow and rain I'll strummin on No I won't give in
thought this would last forever but I've lost that thought along these lonely days lying next to you I feel so numb I feel so far away I can't explain why I feel this way CHORUS So don't break my heart again cause I need back my best friend to help me out through the ups and downs and love me till the end i know this can't be wrong I need you to strong and don't break my heart again Though I've strayed away I thought we'd never be the same but this love is true in a hazy world it's clear when I'm with you I can't explain why I feel this way but I'm glad I do cause I love you CHORUS So don't break my heart again we can make a brand new start we'll face the world just me and you not even death will do us part just kiss me again just hold my hand I feel safer nowhere but buried in your arms so don't break my heart again x3 i won't break your heart again
All I Got 02:27
that train was a one way ticket to despair and a life on the road so I'll sit right here and I'll try my hardest just to get back home even if i can't at least i know i tried and maybe i can live with that but i just couldn't live knowin' we were our first and not our last And it's lonely without you here and I've never been more scared I'll spell out my feelings on the walls with this guitar to hope you see them in a passing glance and realize that you care and i think i understand just what i need to do and I'll do all that i can to get you back cause i miss you and if i forget how to play all the songs five ever written well that'd be alright with me as long as i remember this song I'm okay cause right now this is the only song i feel i need to sing and I'll sing until my lungs collapse I'll scream until you hear I'll yell this song forever just for you cause nothing is the same without you here
Suicide Song 03:02
Once was a man that lived his life like a drone 
He had a safe job to afford a nice home
 One day he decided to make the fat lady sing
 And when that found dead
 This is what he told me 
Hey! All I ever wanted was some recognition
 Well look where that got me
 Now I’m laying face down
In my own bathroom
 And my wrists are bloody (oh so bloody)
 And was I taken 
Taken for granted or was I undeserving
 What more could I have done
 Just to be commended 
 I woulda done about anything
 But now it’s too late
 Cause now I’m gone 
I Still feel that I did everything all wrong
 But maybe finally I’ve done something right
 Cause I succeeded at suicide I woke on a Wednesday morning 
 When a thought came through my head 
Maybe life would a lot better
 If I were dead
 So I went into the bathroom 
And I grabbed my razor blade
 Pressed it up against my wrists
 And I slashed away
 Now I was only human so of course 
I was kinda scared 
But I began to think about my life
 And decided I didn’t care
 So I carved into myself
 Like a turkey on Thanksgiving
 Said I’ll join up with the dead
 Cause I’m sick of all this living
 CHORUS Now I don’t feel regret for what I’ve done
 No one will miss me
 Didn’t have a wife, no daughter and no son (x4)
I was all alone 
Nobody wants to live like that 
I took the easy way out sure 
But it was the only choice I had
 I was all alone 
I didn’t want to live like that 
I took the easy way out
 Slit my wrists 
Bleed out
 And that was that
I know a place not far from here where you could go to have some fun take a left at the crescent moon and take a right at the setting sun but don't walk the streets at night all by yourself cause it's a rundown downtown hell It's a place where the werewolves cry and the zombies walk like drunks a little town not far from here where reality forgot blackened skies are filled with bats and witches on broom sticks a little town not far from here that few still know exist And if your out walkin' on a cold dark night and your lookin' for a fright you might find it tangled in the cobwebs in your mind illuminated by an eerie candlelight there are no house there are only graves in a town where monsters play there are no house there are only graves in a town where monsters play
When I die 
 You better bury me an extra six feet underground Cause I already got these two feet on the grave
 And their still walking
 And I’ll keep strummin’ this guitar
 And yelling at the top of my lungs 
On the street corner
 And when the sun goes down
 I’ll show no signs of stopping
 We may be falling apart but 
At least we’re free
 We may be dirty and penniless
 But at least we can breath
 CHORUS Oh no po po 5o get low
 Line up on the wall
 Copper jealous cause we stack dough
 Oh no po po 5o get low
 Fry bacon fry
 Coppers die when we spit flows I can’t think of any place I’d rather be 
Than this abandoned church
 On the mattress on the ground
 Got no obligations
 Got no where to be
I’ve got no worries 
I’m just aimlessly wondering around
Finally I’m happy
 Finally I’m free
 Finally I know exactly 
 Where I need to be
 So enjoy your work
 Enjoy your school, your couch and your TV 
I’m just not that into slavery
 That life’s just not for me
 CHORUS You know I’m tired of sleepin’ on wheels
 But at least I’m still moving
 Fight the battle that I know I can’t win
 But I’m all in for losing
 And you know somedays I really hate my life
 But at least I’m still living 
Even when I’m not
 When I’m just surviving
 And death seems like the only option
 Still I’ll never give in
 Cause eventually we all die anyways
 Why not live to see another day
 Another day of body bugs
 Another day of shame
 Another day of cigarettes
 To dull the hunger pains

 CHORUS (x2)
Disney Song 02:22
I feel that america's youth has poorly representin' me cause i ain't no jonas brother I'm a side of america's youth people don't see on their tv unless their watchin' intervention and when i grow up i wanna eat out of garbage cans and hop a train or two and i got more on my mind than sex and fancy cars and clothes if that makes any sense to you does that make any sense to you this is not the disney chanel this is me and my six strings sayin' and doin' what we want never sayin' thank you never askin' please feel like sayin' fuck I'll say it i wear my feelings on my sleeve and it appears that you've been blinded by starin' at your tv screen cause I've done shots with ms.montana snorted lines with mickey mouse i still can't find the vein from the days i partied at the disney house disney magic kingdom is a meth lab the magic kingdom is a meth lab
Scotcino Dub 01:13
We’re so ungrateful There’s so much to appreciate Those are people just like you I’ve really grown to hate So you wanna save the world But you're gonna have to wait Same old story I’ve heard it before You’ve started a bit too late CHORUS A bomb falls down a kid cries out we need freedom we need it now a bill is past another is raised our pockets are empty but our taxes are paid the minds of the children are empty cause the teachers just there for the check well today is the day where we need to say give me freedom or give me death Your hiding in the shadows of those monuments you built enslave the poor protect the rich and make our nightmares seem so real messin' 'round hangin' out with my friends you come around lurkin' to give us problems we're sick of it we've had enough puttin' us down just so you can look tough CHORUS Drop their bombs over Boston put their tanks in New York they've already got their navy stationed in every port you can forget about Houston the dirty south will be gone from third ward to fifth ward It'll be like Vietnam it's up to us to unite the rest no matter the age no matter the race no matter the gang or the sex it's time to stand up for the freedom fight instead of their beer we'll drink their blood tonight the blood of the police that put us so low the blood of the wealthy so content in their homes the blood of the bosses that denied us those jobs we'll drink it with all who've so plainly been robbed CHORUS you cheat you lie you kill you steal your holding us against our will and if we should try to escape you'll grab your guns and shoot away x4 CHORUS
Taken Away 03:19
Away away
 From everything we knew
 Taken away
 From everything with you
 Drops of gold and green
 Shimmer across the sky
 Through holes in the dark 
As we lay as one 
 And wonder
 Why we rest where we are
 What wonderful thing have we done
T o deserve what we have
 Etched in the walls indecision
 The choices 
 That we need the most of all This room rests In a blanket of ashes
 And looms in the smell of a story
 A story yet to be told
 One of passion 
Love, loss and glory
 A wonderful tale of a life
 Not yet lived with characters enthralling and proper 
A fantasy that flutters past the voices
 A preacher that lurks in the halls Tingling, pure ecstasy 
Doesn’t matter at all when you’re settling No psychosis Just rotting corroding
 Breaking off falling apart at the seems.
Saturday morning i grab a huge bowl fill it to the brim with my favorite cereal i plop right down in front of the tub now I'm ready for a Saturday morning cartoon their awesome stayed up late last night watchin' spawn now I'm watchin' ash catch Pokemon and if the world is put in danger we'll all be saved by the power rangers and I'll be watchin' from now till noon Saturday morning cartoons since the 1960s shag and scoob have been chasin' ghosts and rollin' doobs don't let them tell you smokin' makes you slow when a ghost shows up watch those two go and tommy pickles needs a diaper change when he dressed up like a girl it made me feel all strange i like Doug's theme song that's a catchy tune Saturday morning cartoons Saturday morning cartoons
your so busy all the time just take a moment to stop by cause i miss you so bad just want to see your pretty face next to mine cause when I'm with you it's all butterflies and sunshine my heart is yours forever and for all time CHORUS Sit back, relax come on take a break you know you really need to breath cookies ad love is what we'll make if you just spend the day with me slow down just let it go take it easy and you'll know that everything will be okay So here I am just lookin' back I need some time to just relax my life's been up and down so much all I need is your sweet touch cause when I'm with you I'm okay problems gone so far away my heart is yours forever and for always CHORUS
W+J 00:58
okay. aw man that sucks.


Jesse- Vocals/Guitar
Whitney- Vocals/Trumpet
Tommy- Guitar on track 12


released June 1, 2008


all rights reserved



Days N Daze Houston, Texas

Hey!! We're just some folks who enjoy playin' tunes. Hope you're doin' well all things considered, and if ya ever need anything please don't hesitate to ask!! Jessesendejasdnd@gmail.com <3 -je-C


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