The Oogle Deathmachine

by Days N Daze

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(free) 01:47


Jesse- Vocals/Guitar/Banjo/Gutbucket/Mando
Whitney- Vocals/Trumpet/Uke


released February 2, 2013



all rights reserved


Days N Daze Houston, Texas


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Track Name: Phantasmagoria
A needle in my vein
to make me sleep
a searing pain with no relief
a clouded mind and
I've been cut out of my clothes
You can't fight a battle
for a man flying a white flag

This sickness soon will leave
my body cold (my eyes retreat into my skull)
This sickness soon will leave
leave my body cold
Just let me go, just let me go, just let me go
scour the wreckage for a grain of hope
Just let me go, just let me go
or tie the noose tight in the rope

Insincere with soulless eyes
a serpent in a sheep's disguise
bathed in blood
with only scabs and scars to clothe
you can't feel a lover's touch
with a body numb


Burn regrets
breathe deep the smoke in
(to choke and gasp for air)
drink the fears
to numb the cowardice soul
calloused in cravings
shackled in shame
a shell of a person forgotten his name
your footprints leave no imprints
as you stagger towards the grave


Or tie the noose tight in the rope
Track Name: Nine on the Bortle
Smoke clouds have thickened
to black out the stars
the night sky is lit now
by headlights of cars
and the moon holds no purpose
but pulling the tides anymore

Blow out the candles
blow out the candles
throw on the light switch
and bask in the fluorescent glow
we're guided by satellites
we don't need stars anymore
can't see stars anymore

With a nine on the bortle
we've blown out the stars
smashed all the lanterns
to burn down the barns
and with less than one hundredth
in sight to guide us home after dark
we're lost

The streetlights have killed them
the street lights have killed them
we've laid to rest gods in a tomb
born of city lights
and out in the flatlands
we thought that we'd found them
but still the horizon
did glow like a brush fire

With a nine on the bortle
we've blown out the stars
smashed all the lanterns
to burn down the barns
and the moon holds no purpose
save pulling the tides on a planet
encrusted in fluorescent lights

Smoke clouds have thickened
to black out the stars
the night sky is lit now
by headlights of cars
and the moon holds no purpose
but pulling the tides anymore

300 miles we'd sail off the coast
to be reunited with the skies of our hosts
and at night soon the rivers
reflect nothing more than the moon


300 miles 300 miles
out into the ocean
we'd sail to remember them
300 miles out into the ocean we'd sail


Track Name: Dig Down
These nights are getting colder
and I'm losing my patience
the ghost of our past
has been quietly creeping
stabbing at our spines
begging for an answer
or at least a more
appropriate way to die
these distorted pleasures
that have been given
at the denied excess
to the masses
we're fueled by greed
and fueled by the hate
and fueled by the absent minded

Dig down dig down dig down dig down
into empty pockets
with an endless strife
of the wartorn hand
and the stained glass eye
of the mourning mother
who weeps to quench
my dehydrated soul

This community has been lost
our sanity has been spent
on what is got
and never what has been given
these centuries have slipped
like sand in the palms of time
this programmed acceptance of routine
where the wealthy prosper
and the poor die young
wandering the streets like zombies
waiting for their resurrection
and the sleepless rest
not with the setting sun
but six feet down
with eyes forced shut


I can't say that I'm sad
that's the least of my worries
this apathy has got ahold
and grim's been calling for me
our frozen smiles paint that picture
of a life we'll never lead
and together we'll fall
through the remnants
of our decaying past
our mirror come up empty
and reflection has been lost

Track Name: Law & Justice
Don't you help your fellow man
or else they'll throw you in the pen
never spread the wealth around
keep it in the 1%
to keep the power in their hands
the wealthy must control the bread
so even if the market's dead
it's not your place to keep them fed

When did helping people out
becomes a fucking crime?
it seems that every day
we lose another basic right

Another badge is issued
and another pig is born
a pistol toting sycophant
to keep the people torn
a foot soldier for the wealthy
used to herd consuming sheep
a free mind is the greatest threat
to baneful pockets deep

So sad that thinking differently's
become a fucking crime
and that money's more important
than our basic human rights
Track Name: Shit Luck
I cried and I sang
for the loss of my only father
I categorized my emotions into lines
on a black piece of paper
I prayed to a god
who's never answered
to dry the tears of my mother

Misplacin' the failed
acceptance of myself into others
I'm feelin' the guilt
of being selfish too selfish
too tired for that compromise
so I'll drown my confusion
in a bottle of poison
for my thoughts to just stop
and I'll pick it up in the morning

I'll spend my time waitin'
for that train to arrive
I'm tunin' that note
just to pass the time
this shit luck won't last too long
but it's up to me
to kick it up a notch

I'm scatchin' deep
in this monotone beat
this paper thin pallette
laid so meticulously
to see a stretch of red
down my grey tainted neck
and I keep searchin' for that answer
of why I keep breathing
when those consequences
make my core rot so seamlessly
with that unfailing tide
of drownin'' days
blacked out nights
suffocating lungs
and ill fated strides


So baby wipe those virgin tears
from your cheek
your innocence spent
on a liar and a fake
but deep inside
that broken tattered corpse you know
this is not who you were meant to be

so spend your time waitin'
for that train to arrive
and tune that note
till it sounds just right
this shit luck won't last too long
but it's up to you
to make it stop.
Track Name: Little Blue Pills Pt. 2
What once we believed
to be so glorious and freeing's
just a crutch
and in retrospect the good times
that we've had don't seem so worth it
when I'm wakin' up in cold sweat
shakin' on some stranger's white leather couch
with a head full of regrets

I've made up my bed
now i guess it's time to sleep
swaddled up in sterile white sheets
I'm losin' touch

Little blue pills
to help me sleep
don't like my life
so i take seven when i drink
wake up in the AM
still shakin' from the mayhem
with the door off of its hinge

Call me lady vodka
there's only three tears I can shed
weary and broken
but just can't rest well in this bed
ink stained carpets
and stolen cars
I gave you everything
and all you gave me were these scars

i fucking hate you
i fucking hate you
goddamn i love you
goddamn i love you
but we both know if we ever
stick together
we'll just tear ourselves apart

You are my sunshine
my only sunshine
you make me happy
but the skies are grey
you are my heroin
but there's an abscess
goddamn me missed the vein

She's scratchin'' her pen
through the pages in her notebook
scratching' the blade of her knife
into her hip
(at least they're hidden)
a quarter of our lives gone by
knees nailed to the ground
begging for more

Forcin' that needle in his vein
forcin' that liquor down his throat
(well that's just how i cope)
quarter of our lives gone by
knees nailed to the ground
begging for more


You are my sunshine
my only sunshine
you make me happy
but the skies are still so grey
Track Name: Voyeuristic Nightmare
Where do you run to
when there's nowhere left to hid?
there's not a corner of the world
to which it's blind
under the surveillance of a monster
with a thousand eyes
a voyeuristic nightmare steals
away our private lives
they see you, they watch you
you're just another
slide under the microscope

watch your step, they see you
they know every move before you make it
they're only waiting
now to catch you in the act
the jig is up
they've been tappin' on your phone lines
cops are at the front door
and the swat is in the back
go anywhere
there's just no safety anymore
and when you're hidin' in your house
and lockin' up the door
it's a false sense of security
this was never a land of sovereignty
if it means they'll make another penny
fill the morgue


No color
no future
no culture
no code
the plastic smell of ignorance
with a tv teaching morals
and incendiary graveyards
of 1,000 rotting minds
a shred of humanity is impossible to find
let weaving spiders infiltrate the grove
on blast surveilled
we're jailed forever
and we just give ourselves away

We're runnin' on the rails
with the wealthy at the wheel
the few control the many
free to cheat and lie and steal
it doesn't matter
if a couple innocent will die
as long as money's rollin' in
everything is fine
but now we want to see
all the cards on the table
we're sick of being lied to
and kept in the dark
burn the veil and sever the cables
that personify our slavery
and rip the grid apart

Track Name: New Town to Cape Town
Walk down the street stare at my feet
see myself in the cracks in the concrete
puddles of water gather up
in a place where tumbleweeds
have turned to plastic bags
if i could go I would take nothing
no one with me
and I'd never ever ever look back

Drag your feet across stolen ground
turn away while the rest of them drown
no one cares for anyone anymore
they say keep your demons to yourself (x3)
(sedated locked into a tv screen
to keep distracted from the slaughter
of your innocent neighbors
just because you live
in a different continent
it doesn't make their suffering
any less real)

They say its all about the books
it's all about the streets
well I only give a damn
about the calluses on my two feet (x2)
But they are dodging bullets
while we are dancing in our dreams
and no one hears their silent whispers
no one hears their bloody screams

Track Name: Fuck you, Pay me. Fuck you.
Money this, and money that
like every fucking day
all anybody cares about
is how much they're getting paid
and it doesn't matter
if a couple innocent will die
as long as money's rollin' in
everything is fine

A penny for your thoughts
a dollar for your soul
we're caged in a jail
made of nickels and dimes
and in a world where
the one who has the money's
in control

Even tightest family
a dollar could divide
more destructive than ego
more toxic than pride
the greed money causes
makes me fuckin' sick

Track Name: Comfort epershand Control
the rungs of this ladder are broken
we're stuck in a pit
to forget the escape is the way out
but what's one to do when the only thing comforting leads to an eternal sleep underground
everyone has their addictions everybody's weak and everyone someday will die
if everything's random we're so insignificant and none of this matters then why even try
were all just costumed illusions of self
we sift through the filth to discover our wealth
but riches are not always silver and gold
just somebody to love and a clean bill of health
is what this life is all about
and i know that its easy to get caught up in trivial shit
but when the roof is cavin' in just remember that none of this matters in death

so take your hands off of the wheel and let the chips fall where they may
time is short and death is sure so just be grateful for today

a life time of whiskey a couple of years
a life of mistakes for a couple of beers
were marionettes and the puppeteers clutchin' so fucking hard
trying to paint on a smile
that they think looks right but their rights our wrong
the nights are too short and the days are too long
when they want you to color inside of the lines
but the picture looks better with scribbles outside
of the lessons we've learned
when the bridges are burnt
and the power goes out the control that you've earned
means nothing
we're all gonna die
we're runnin' out of time
so what i do is none of your concern. just...

Track Name: Open the Floodgates
Scrapin' up dirty pennies off the street
but just as long tails touch ground
a superstitious suit of armor
for the coward
when every bit of tragic knowledge gained
must tax the mind
we mustn't take to these evils
be not deaf
and be not blind

We cover our eyes
with the comforting sins
of our owners
save me from myself

In a world made out
to be so cruel
the noose becomes a useless tool
when all they need's a story
to leave you strung up by your throat
the media shall pick and choose
the stories on the nightly news
to insight the fear they need
to keep us under their control


Drinking broken glass
out on the front steps of your sanctuary
does it scare you that a soul
could be so out of line?
cut me out, just cut me out
just cut me out of everything
a pair of scissors sleeping
in your neck will do just fine


Paranoid but not sleeping
or else content with eyes sewn shut
wake up, you're not the saint
you've drawn yourself to be
open your eyes or
open the flood gates
Track Name: Flea Bitten Drifters
bug bitten, beautiful
and down on our luck
the days they all grow shorter
as the bottles pile up
wrapped in scars and rags
and bad tattoos
not a tether left to cut
laughing and singing
all the way back down to hell

Singin' we can't help you
help yourself
but we can promise
life's much better
once you've tumbled off the shelf
so burn that suit and tie
tear down the walls in which you're caged
have they ever truly made you happy anyway?

Never bite your tongue
just let that whiskey bite your throat
cause the words you scream
are so much more than you know
success is not about the money
and it's not your social class
it's about finding your happiness

so get up off your ass
and go outside
I promise that you'll never see more clear
don't be afraid to live
go find out who you truly are
cause no one need to know you more
than you you,my dear

You know I've made my bad decisions
and I can live with that
cause even on the worst days
life's never all that bad
to feel the starlight on a fright train
see the sunrise on the road
so goddamn beautiful
and it never will get old

Unlike these darkrooms
with cracked walls and carpets
so stagnant, alone, grey and cold
and every time I come back
one less tree one more road
I don't think this is home anymore

So tear down and clear out and build up
why can't these people just be satisfied?
cause they need another strip mall
and they need another lane
on that road that over beauty has been paved

And I can't help but think about
do they understand what they've destroyed?
another farm road replaced
with a toll way today
this don't feel like my home anymore

So as of late the only words
that I sing are of
gettin' back to you
and outta here
cause I've been down on my health
and down on my luck
and you make me feel better dear.