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Thanks Mom! Split w/ Chicos Del Muertos (Live Recordings)

by Days N Daze

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New Gangland 03:43
woah woah oh oh oh oh woah oh oh oh oh woah oh oh oh oh woah oh oh oh oh woah oh oh oh oh woah oh oh oh oh woah oh oh oh oh woah oh oh oh oh blindfolded back to the cold metal bars the screaming of inmates and laughing of guards fills your head fill the camera with gruesome depictions of just how evil we can be stabbed to death on the banks of a river the cold shenandoah will serve as your grave the topic of many a candle lit vigil but banded together the lives we could save go woah oh oh..... gangtags blanket all the walls in this god forsaken town shotgun shells and empty clips are stompped into the ground a war ensues behind the veil of glamour trend and profit 'cause the radio and mtv control your fuckin' wallets and all these kids they think it's cool to play with loaded guns and they always seem so ignorant to impending repercussions unity cannot exist when colors seperate and the police are not the only gang that runs rampant in these states CHORUS: innocent people are dying and it seems like no one cares what the fuck has money done to us we're all against the cops but they are not the only ones aiming their goddamn guns and spilling blood woah oh oh..... stop the violence burn the flags a life should never end over the color of a rag territory drugs and glory dead bolt busted rug stained red it started off to reconstruct a community in peaces we can all just help each other we don't need police but soon their hands were painted red day to day yet so obscene the innocent were lying dead buried in a coffin green woah oh oh..... x3 CHORUS woah oh oh..... drugs and glory territory blood for profit stop the violence woah oh oh.....
bug bitten, beautiful and down on our luck the days they all grow shorter as the bottles pile up wrapped in scars and rags and bad tattoos not a tether left to cut laughing and singing all the way back down to hell Singin' we can't help you help yourself but we can promise life's much better once you've tumbled off the shelf so burn that suit and tie tear down the walls in which you're caged have they ever truly made you happy anyway? Never bite your tongue just let that whiskey bite your throat cause the words you scream are so much more than you know success is not about the money and it's not your social class it's about finding your happiness so get up off your ass and go outside I promise that you'll never see more clear don't be afraid to live go find out who you truly are cause no one need to know you more than you you,my dear You know I've made my bad decisions and I can live with that cause even on the worst days life's never all that bad to feel the starlight on a fright train see the sunrise on the road so goddamn beautiful and it never will get old Unlike these darkrooms with cracked walls and carpets so stagnant, alone, grey and cold and every time I come back one less tree one more road I don't think this is home anymore So tear down and clear out and build up why can't these people just be satisfied? cause they need another strip mall and they need another lane on that road that over beauty has been paved And I can't help but think about do they understand what they've destroyed? another farm road replaced with a toll way today this don't feel like my home anymore So as of late the only words that I sing are of gettin' back to you and outta here cause I've been down on my health and down on my luck and you make me feel better dear.


released February 26, 2015

Jesse Sendejas- Vocals/Guitar
Whitney Flynn- Vocals/Trumpet/Ukulele
Geoff Bell- Gutbucket/Vocals
Meagan Michelle- Washboard

Recorded By: Skeye Berry


all rights reserved



Days N Daze Houston, Texas

Hey!! We're just some folks who enjoy playin' tunes. Hope you're doin' well all things considered, and if ya ever need anything please don't hesitate to ask!! Jessesendejasdnd@gmail.com <3 -je-C


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