Perfectly Dysfunctional

by Days N Daze

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Jesse- Vocals/Guitar/Drums/Bass
Whitney- Vocals/Trumpet/Bass/Piano


released June 1, 2009



all rights reserved


Days N Daze Houston, Texas


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Track Name: Muddy Knees
Come on just take my hand
baby lets go
we'll run away with nothin'
but our love to show
we'll dance in the street
with mud on our knees
and show the world we're
everything they wish to be
but nothing that they want to see

Remember those days
we lost track of miles
punk rock love and dysfunctional smiles
livin' in the clouds
screamin' our lungs out
we laughed when noone listened
cause we knew it'd all work out
we were the only two that were conscience
in that stupid fucking town
traveling to different cities
deciding anywhere is home
as long as you were by my side
i never felt alone
cigarettes to wind
40's in our hands
this love is real and noone could understand
the feeling we were born to feel
you know I'll follow you anywhere


Droppin' out of high school
sneakin' out of windows
playin' music to cops
that wanted to shut us down
the moment I looked into your eyes
you held me through all those bad times
the friends that got locked up
and all those friends
that never made it through the night
seemed like we were the only two
that would ever make it through
this fucking life

Track Name: Gangland
gang tags blanket all the walls in this godforsaken town

shotgun shells and empty clips are stomped into the ground

but a war ensues behind a vale of glamour trend and prophit

cuz the radio and mtv controls your fuckin' wallet

all these kids they think it's cool to playith loaded guns

but they always seem so ignorant to the impending repercussions

innocent lives are threatened by their fellow human's hand

but i guess it's just expected when you're livin' livin' in a gangland

people are scared to leave their homes

for fear of being caught in range

it's really fuckin' getting old

something needs to change

cuz police is not the only gang

that runs rampant through the states

and if for singing this i'm killed

the message still remains

unity cannot exist

when colors seperate

and if we never take a stand

we've all sealed our own fates

bullets fly for territory

the streets run red for pride and glory

is it really worth the cost you pay
Track Name: I'm Broke
All you see is this bitch
who never has the time
I'm just just trying to keep us going
I'm just trying to stay alive
when my landlord calls me saying
this is the last straw
i go to my fucking job
and work my fingers raw
just give me a fucking break

I don't like to be this way
but i feel i have no choice
to live a life of freedom
while labeled as a joke

I'm broke
I'm broke
I'm broke

Tryin' to the good
it gets hard sometimes
getting kicked out of school
and barely making it by
i have to stay strong
i have to prove em wrong
tryin' to seem like i have it together
when I'm broken all inside

i don't want to be a victim
of life's hard demands
being left with consequences
i never chose to begin with
but i just have to be true
to who i am inside
being broke but glued together
by my own determination

forget what you hear
about this fucked up world
they'll always bring you down
just keep your head up strong
and tell those mother fuckers
i am broke but i am strong
Track Name: Tough Cookies and Love
your so busy all the time
just take a moment
to stop by
cause i miss you so bad
just want to see your
pretty face next to mine
cause when I'm with you
it's all butterflies and sunshine
my heart is yours forever
and for all time

Sit back, relax
come on take a break
you know you really need to breath
cookies ad love is what we'll make
if you just spend the day with me
slow down just let it go
take it easy and you'll know
that everything will be okay

So here I am just lookin' back
I need some time to just relax
my life's been up and down so much
all I need is your sweet touch
cause when I'm with you I'm okay
problems gone so far away
my heart is yours forever
and for always