Here Goes Nothin'

by Days N Daze

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Jesse- Vocals/Guitar/Accordian
Whitney- Vocals/Trumpet/Uke


released June 1, 2010



all rights reserved


Days N Daze Houston, Texas


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Track Name: Mirror Falls
Our wagons got a busted wheel
it's rusted on some back road
near the border of utopia and hatred
We all just counted six black crows
the dead man's eyes we failed to close
pierce through flesh to stare into our souls

Dog's howl in the dead of night
howl for death before the light
or all our mirrors should come crashing down
broken chimes begin to toll
our mothers corpse in pitch black clothes
go on put that bullet in my skull

A white moth and a robin
flew right though our window
blew out all those candles that we light after the first
Seems like were all in the middle
of this photograph a mirror shows us our reflections
in the storm
(A mirror all at once did fall
to spread across the floor the reaper's on his way
sooner or later my friends we'll call a casket home)


Umbrellas hit the fucking ground
thirteen people sit on down
for supper only twelve of them will live
Still i never hear the thunder
following the funeral
so i guess everybody rots in hell
in hell in hell
work till you die to buy what they sell

Track Name: Weslayan
let's go on down to Wesleyan
and play a little music
and we'll make a little booze cash
on the side
dumpster up that coffee cup
fill it up and bottoms up
a six of cobra's just 3.99

we'll drink till we don't realize
that our strings are painted red
and we could go get jobs
but much rather play instead
so stop your car and listen to our music
then give us all your cash

Now I can't wait to get
back on the highway
Insist the world keeps
spinnin' our way

Nothin' can stop us
nothin' can stop us
from partyin'
so crank that music up to 10
and pass that space bag
'round again
killer tunes and booze and friends
hope these good times never end
pass out drunk at 3am
wake up and do it all again


Why slow down
when we could just run faster
this life we lead is a
beautiful disaster

let's go on down to Wesleyan
and play a little music
and we'll make a little booze cash
on the side
dumpster up that coffee cup
fill it up and bottoms up
a six of cobra's just 3.99


Now I can't wait to get
back on the highway
Insist the world keeps
spinnin' our way

it's hotter than hell I might as well
be sittin' on my ass
noones payin' any mind
just drivin' right on past
i pass no blame I'd do the same
if i saw myself out here
but c'mon we just need 2 more bucks
to buy ourselves some beers


Why slow down
when we could just run faster
this life we lead is a
beautiful disaster

let's go on down to Wesleyan
and play a little music
and we'll make a little booze cash
on the side
dumpster up that coffee cup
fill it up and bottoms up
a six of cobra's just 3.99

Track Name: Run Kids
If we all view the world
through an empty glass
does it mean that we're doomed to fail
We're not that much different
than those who have died
buried deep in the trails
still i can't tell
is this heaven or hell?
my heaven is rest in her eyes
as we fly through the snow
with adventure in tow
and our freedom to comfort our hearts

These hills are still rolling
and our hopes are still high
please may we wonder
these roads till we die
and when we pass on
may we find that there's
roads in the sky
these hills are still rolling
our hopes are still high
please may we travel these roads
for the rest of our lives
and together we'll drive
through the night

The roads that we ride on aren't gold
I'm afraid
caught in a maelstrom of sickness and rage
but i wouldn't want it any other way
well hey just keep on movin' kid
if you never slow down
they won't know what you did
so pick up a guitar
and let head somewhere
far far away
the initial reaction
was one of attraction
anxiety lessened on stage
the initial reaction
the complete satisfaction
the road was at war with his rage

sound the drum it's time to roll
where we're goin'
may we never know
let's just go far away
and when the sun goes down
we'll all be gone
in every direction away we will run
I'm missin' the highway
so give me you hand
and I'll take you away from this place


Run kids Run
Run kids Run away
Track Name: The Reprieve
everyone in this world is still sleeping
time has stopped but my heart its still beating
my ciggerette smokes making cirlces around me
thinking of all of those times and all of those years
tangled in the demons claws
listening to wretched songs of corrosion and doubt
but my time has come now
cause i'm freeing myself from your arms

now i leave and take everything i own with me
my smile keeps growing
as my ciggerette keeps burning away
i have this feeling that I can sleep now

Stand over you as you quiver
bloody with your brains spilling out
the clock ticks your breaths getting shorter
with each turning of the hour
I knew that this day would come
when I'd feel sweet glory
your no longer part of me
I've freed myself from your arms
Track Name: Trade Your Hands To The Devil
oh little girl you can tell me anything
i just really gotta hear your pretty voice
tonight 'cause it's all that'll make me feel alright woah oh oh

i'd trade my hands to the devil just to hold yours for one night little angel so
won't you come and lie down by my side

i can't wait 'til i'm outta here
so i can hold your hands inside of mine
and tell you everythings alright woah oh oh

you could take me away
you could take me away-ay-ay-ay
you could take me far away from here woah oh oh

you are the only man i'll ever see
i'm always there for you
your always there for me nothing can bring us down

i can't wait to get outta here
so i can hold your hands inside of mine
and tell me everything is alright whoah oh oh
Track Name: Through the Storm
the sky is caving in
tear the soul from my body
I'm already dead I'm already dead
autonomy has faded way now we'll never be free
while i slip on the red
hangin' on by a thread
fallen in of the dark
keep me out of the dark
the world is falling apart
the world is falling apart
I'm being buried alive
under the weight of my mind?

Trapt inside of the storm
broken down tattered and torn
the mobius of misery
We'll strike fear in the hearts
of the innocent cause
their not that innocent anymore

Old habits die hard
so when they're dead and gone
I'll bury them ten feet under ground
inside a concrete casket
(do what you got to to get by)
kill the tyrants dead x2
demons by your bedside in the night
keep you awake till morning light
(demons die by your bedside)
kill the tyrants dead x2


So tired always breakin' down
we're tearin' at the seems
bound up in a slave ship and we're lost on angry seas
another wave comes crashin' down only to break the mast in two
now we'll wonder aimlessly
and fall into the blue
we'll run into the devil
in the middle of the storm
and we'll have no where to run
because our every sail is torn
we're tired and we're thirsty
skin is blistered from the sun
if we don't get somethin' to eat we'll die
so we'll drink the devil's blood

Track Name: Books Of Blood
surrounded by corruption encased in greed and rage
we lay dead behind these books of lies with blood on every page
books that cause these pointless fucking wars and deaths of millions
a list of rules all bound in fear a machine to clone the sycophants.

please somebody tell me is there any other way must we be the ignorant the sheep to die in vein
you're all just much too weak to cope with your own mortality stop the deadly lies accept your fucked reality

these books of blood
of death and hate
just loaded guns
with history so dark and cold of suffering and pain

they'll promise you salvation just as long as you can pay
your saviors just a dollar sign a scam hidden in faith
they'll take the cash and build a church another fucking waste
another base of operations sharpening their blades

these organized religions they just brainwash and control
die for them in holy war they swear they'll save your soul
well fuck you im an atheist so banish me to flames
cause nothing happens when you die you just slowly rot away.
Track Name: Empress Bridge
a concrete monstrosity to replace the place you loved. you told me all those stories now those photos that you took are all thats left besides the memories. they tore it down brought in machines to lay the concrete paint the lines you didnt even get to

CHORUS: say good bye to something beautiful goodbye to something pure it seems that overnight those bastards changed the wood to stone that bridge might just have been the final anchor holdin' this ship down at port now they'll set sail for something better but find their compass doesn't work///.

a desolate wasteland a desert of pavement were spiraling deeper yet most are complacent the green has vanished and the grey has taken over (the world is becoming so monochromatic) when the sun goes down the stars dont shine the night sky is polluted with light and at dawn the smog fades colors in the sunrise

/// CHORUS///

a field for a blacktop a tree for a pillar unchain mothernature with stripmalls youll kill her a blanket of concrete to cover the planet they need it to live but they take it for granted so tear down and clear out and build up some more replace all the forests with theme parks and stores what the fuck are you waiting for go on drop the bombs


plant shovels in my chest to dig out any hope thats left replace my skeleton with rebar my blood with gasoline my heart is just a cold steel engine now my veins are copper wire i feel nothing except gears turning to pave the green away.
Track Name: Farewell
Let's trade this town for the open road
pack it up its time to go
the wonderlust has taken me
to where the freight trains roam
and the air is free

we'll drink
and we'll drift
and we'll dream
and never look back down the road
bid farewell
to everything we left behind
that town was just getting so old

When everyone awoke at dawn
the two they thought they knew
were gone
the only tracks they left behind
was half a bag of cheap red wine
disappeared into a life
that they would only know
and the world just kept on turnin'
like that wagon wheel does roll


we'll drink
and we'll drift
and we'll dream
and never look back down the road
we'll bid farewell
to that town that i left
that town was just getting so old

that town was a zombie
a corpse dead and rotting
a cage to entrap you and leave you for dead
they tell you you're lucky to live in their city
but as soon as you settle it's off with your head
so i'll catch the first grainer
right out of this graveyard
and head where the rivers of whiskey run gold
i'll bid farewell to that town that i loved
but away from there's where i'll grow old.
Track Name: Nothing Can Stop Us From Partying
few good friends
a few cold 40's
is all we need to start the party
add in a guitar and kick this shit
in overdrive
wake up and rage
you drunken' bastard
keep on drinkin' only faster
we got good friends and music
to make us feel alive
so we can dance all fucking night
and just pass out at morning
i don't need to wake up at dusk
and do it all again blaha blaha
we can make a good time
out of anything
so just excuse us if we start
to sing a song
that might go a little bit
like this and it goes

Nothin' can stop us from partyin'
you said you've heard it all before
nothin' can stop us from partyin'
maybe you'll believe us
when your puking and your passed out
on the floor

Let's get to drinkin'
bust out the MDs and the Mickey's and the Whisky
lets get plastered till
we pass out on the floor
and when the morning light
taps us on the shoulder to wake us up
we'll yell just five more minutes
and we'll get up and drink some more

Just because I'm 18
they won't let me buy my alcohol
so I'll go to the store
and try to find big home bum joe
I'll give him my ten dollars
for a six pack
and I know he'll keep the change
but hey thats alright
I'll just go and busk for more


Old home bum joe
he don't got much longer
he's got cirrhosis of the liver
maybe he partied just a little too hard
and after he buys the beer
we'll sit down on the curb
and cheers to drinkin'
now we're thinkin'
we don't got much else to lose