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Days N' Daze​/​/​Broken Bow Split

by Days N' Daze, Broken Bow and Brando Chemtrails

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gray thumbnail
gray Just absolutely fucking phenomenal. . Favorite track: Broken Bow-When I Went Down To Hell.
Bestiärio thumbnail
Bestiärio This split is fucking awesome!
and Like Findin' a Needle in a Ballpit is one of the most furious and epic songs of DND.
as native spanish speakers, we need desperately the lyrics!! Favorite track: Days N' Daze-Like Findin' a Needle in a Ballpit.
Mariah thumbnail
Mariah Two really great bands coming together to make a kick ass album. Favorite track: Days N' Daze-Damaged Goods.
Tom Fortunato
Tom Fortunato thumbnail
Tom Fortunato I play this song in the car and sing along to it. Awesome folk song. THERE'S WEREWOLVES IN THE MOUNTAINS AND CRACK-HEADS IN THE SEA! Favorite track: Broken Bow-Wolves.
Daniel thumbnail
Daniel I desperately wanna sing along but there are no lyrics
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Petulance is building 
And there’s not enough room left inside my head
 Serenity a revery 
A bootless errand for the living dead
 Why does it seem like
 I’m the only one still welting in the frost
 -Abandon the flock to wallow- 
The atrophy accelerates 
With every disappointment waxin’ wroth -to follow back- A fenced heart makes a once strong love weak And now faced with the sheer tedium
 Of another rising sun
 Breathing becomes a task so arduous 
You could swear your lungs are hideous guns
 Complacent mired
In your isolation 
-Walls of panic guard the damage-
 I’m sordid and calloused putrescent 
 I’ve abandoned the cause
 -Re enforce the chains and bars-
 The scent of blissful existence has been long forgot
 -Bound to the brick casted out to the sharks-
 A fenced heart makes a once strong love weak
 Sober and awake in a pallid existence 
Or drunken dejected 
Bitter and cold 
Remorse and Regret
I forgive but can’t forget 
I’m petty and I’m jealous
 I was born to be alone
 Alone with my thoughts
 And writing in tremors 
I promise myself that next time I’ll remember The consequence of embracing
 Some simple minded urge
 But the same self destructive patterns re-emerge So I repent
 There’s nothing left to catch me now 
I’m destined to fall into that cycle
 Of imprisonment 
I’ll tally the wall
 Now I’m simply counting down 
 The rising moons 
-From the gates to the gutters
 Frozen in solitude
 Solidify and occupy
 The solipsistic heart of mine 
From the gates to the gutters
 Bitter isolation
 Free and alone-
 Cause freedom is lonesome
 There’s ice in the furnace
 And blood in the snow A fenced heart makes a once strong love weak
This city has plagiarized your thoughts This city has ruined all that there was left in me Cigarette stained teeth chatter in the winter's air And broken people quench the cycle Of these broken habits these broken habits And I'm looking through the window To a life I could have lead Where I would be sober and normal If I just walked through the door Through that door But darlin' I can't lie to you That the sun feels so good out here Yeah darlin' I can't lie to you That the sun feels so good out here I'm not growing up I'm slowly dying Pokin' holes in the pixels Of this decaying portrait This life we lead is a bittersweet distraction As the grown child screams For more and more attention And the muffled ears of the spectators Render indifferent Wrinkled brow shy to anything But solitude and silence But I'm begging you darlin' Don't lull your thoughts into compliance Yeah I'm begging you darlin' Don't lull your thoughts into compliance Even after the match is burnt out the fire that it lit still rages on (x4) So darlin' bottles up and carry on
Every second Every minute Every Hour Every day Burden our minds with trivial bullshit Same face a different name Recycled conversation Satre at the same four walls Until the paint chips away I'm a blind man searching for a color In a world that's so long been gray I'm a deaf man chasing the echos Of a song that's already been played CH. If I could talk to my younger self now I'd say don't take nothin' for granted kid You haven't seen just how bad things can get And you never know what you got till it's gone You never know till it's gone Well I could spew some cinematic apology But it wouldn't do no good The damage is done Now all we do is run And pretend our choices Haven't killed the best in us We'll fly our white flag And boast that everything we had Never meant anything at all But when I'm not passed out When I'm really sleeping I'm only dreaming of you
Why would you think you’re something special When your not You’re just molecules flesh and bone Someday you’re gonna rot One day we all waste away Equality hides in decay You’re just another sack of matter Taking up a spot Chorus For every living thing a grave The strong the weak The scared the brave The rich the poor The black the white All sleep for the eternal night You can’t take your money with you When you die We’re all so goddamn self important We’re all so full of shit We fill our lives with lies and drugs And pain and stress until we're sick Won’t matter when you’re dead You'll turn to dust with the rest of us We all share one final bed Chorus We’re going nowhere With this track in a thousand pieces Let’s set the ties hammer the nails And when the tracks intact Maybe we can get passed Our petty differences And band together to see Who the real enemy is Remember everybody ends up in the morgue So I bet if I were to put a gun to you You’d be bloody just like me You sit upon your high horse Hide behind your circle E We’re all hypocrites and sycophants All one leach in the same You know that you’re not perfect Who are you to pass the blame CHORUS
Whoa whoa whoa whoa..

 What’s the next city
 What’s the next song 
What’s the next thing that could go terribly wrong 
Well I don’t care
 Noone ever made it anywhere
 Without some scars 

We’re makin’ stories
 We’re makin’ friends
 We’re makin‘ good times
 And tradin‘ in our last chips 
Cause soon the sun will set
 Better live it up while you can CHORUS
 This is a shitshow 
It’s a disaster
 But it’s everything I’ve ever wanted
 And I wouldn’t trade it for the world 
And I wouldn’t trade it for the world
 All my friends are dirtbags
 My friends are asshole
 But I love them just the way they are
 You know I wouldn’t change a thing 
You know I wouldn’t change a thing Whoa whoa whoa whoa... Let’s drive this goddamn van into the ground 
Keep on chasin‘ that horizon 
Show no signs of slowin‘ down
 Until the engine blows up
 Or we run out of gas
 Then we’ll pick up some booze 
And get drunk off our ass
 It seems like drinkings the solution
 To everything else

 CHORUS Whoa whoa whoa whoa... 

From east coast 
 To the west
 To the third coast and on 
Before you even realize we’ve shown up
 We’re gone 
Leavin‘ dozens of empty bottles
 And smiles in our wake 
 Flyin‘ down the interstate screamin’
 Life is a game So flail it till you nail it
 If you don’t got pitch that’s fine 
What we got we’ll share it
 Cause you can’t take life so serious all the time
 Wake up and play beyond the fence 



1-5: Broken Bow
6: Brando Chemtrails
7-11: Days N' Daze


released June 14, 2014

Cover Art: Erin Autumn


all rights reserved



Days N Daze Houston, Texas

Hey!! We're just some folks who enjoy playin' tunes. Hope you're doin' well all things considered, and if ya ever need anything please don't hesitate to ask!! Jessesendejasdnd@gmail.com <3 -je-C


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