Days N' Daze​/​/​Arroyo Deathmatch Split

by Days N Daze

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Jesse- Vocals/Guitar/Banjo
Whitney- Vocals/Trumpet/Uke
Freddie- Vocals/Gutbucket
Marissa- Vocals/Washboard


released January 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Days N Daze Houston, Texas


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Track Name: Gnargle
We wear our rags we wear our ties
and once were dead were all the same
we drive our cars we ride our bikes
and once were dead were all the same
we build our towers we build our forts
and once were dead were all the same
nobodys different we all rot the same

Help me father i'm a sinner I just cannot cope
put that bullet in my skull and dress my neck with rope
bring these towers crashing I can't take this anymore
drown me in the flood waters I'll cower at your door

With every sip and every sup
i'm breaking down i'm giving up
like knives under my nails
along with pliers tearing teeth from rotting gums
i'm backed into the corner so familiar so secure
we hate the differences to bite the fucking hook

Lye me down in satin croon that lullabye
that eases the tremors and lust to ache
the cost will kill the stumbled sobbing swaine

When the frame work collapses
theres no reason left to fight
its hard enough to surrvive
without senseless violence
are chances are greater of living
so open your eyes
Track Name: Little Blue Pills
Little blue pills to help you sleep. I don’t like my dreams, so I prefer to drink. I’m clawing at my chest, but the real problem’s in my head.

At least that’s what you say.

There’s no such thing as love & freedom. There’s only money & sex, addiction & depression, poverty & all affection is misguided & the lies keep building up.

I am so tired, my bones do ache. There’s no time to rest, for now we’ll have to wait. And, finally, when I can lay with you in bed, for some reason, I’ll drink alone instead.

My decisions don’t involve me anymore.

Just one more taste and I’ll accept this is my life. My cancerous companion always does its job right, and a job’s a funny thing ‘cause it’s their money that you need to pay them back when someone’s charging you to breathe.

Nauseous and sweating, coughing ‘til my throat bleeds, and I'm shaking so goddamn bad that I can barely hold this notepad to read the letter that you left me to remind me

everything turns out okay.
Track Name: The Flatlands
i swear my eyes are rotting out the back of my head
jaw's locked open I'm chained to a mattress
anxiety is tearin' at the flesh around my quivering limbs
finger on the trigger and a bullet in the gun
to contemplate the exit's only half of the fun
I'm fucking sick of this body
lets burn it and start over new

I'm the deafening silence
that trails the bad news
I'm a drunk and a fuckup with nothing to lose
I'm a skeleton covered in scar covered skin
in your closet
like a car crash that steals all the ones that you love
or a missile thats whistling lullabies from up above
I've been staring at the television
trying to envision what your head would look like on a stake

We're all just screaming along
to this broken record still
and i just can't take this anymore
when every days a photocopy of the day before
one day you'll die and all you'll leave behinds a corpse

My lungs are collapsing anxieties cracking
my heart into shards that will lodge in my chest
breathing but barely I'm fighting I'm gasping
for air now I'm not sure theres any hope left


Soon the earth the sun and the dark rift will all align
to bring the oceans crashing on to land with rising tide
when there's plague and famine ravaging across the wartorn land
are you still so high and mighty when there's nothing in your hands?

soon these scars will fade like all the rest
i need your bullshit like a bullet in my chest
all your problems are so trivial of yourself are so full
when the end is growing near
and we're all trading off our souls
if you cower on your knees ill put a bullet in your skull

Track Name: Bombs Over Boston
A bomb falls down a kid cries out
we need freedom we need it now
a bill is past another is raised
our pockets are empty but our taxes are paid
the minds of the children are empty
cause the teachers just there for the check
well today is the day where we need to say
give me freedom or give me death

We've waited far too long and now we're fucked

Your hiding in the shadows of those monuments you built
enslave the poor protect the rich
and make our nightmares seem so real
messin' 'round hangin' out with my friends
you come around lurkin' to give us problems
we're sick of it we've had enough
puttin' us down just so you can look tough


Drop their bombs over Boston
put their tanks in New York
they've already got their navy stationed
in every port
you can forget about Houston
the dirty south will be gone
from third ward to fifth ward
It'll be like Vietnam
it's up to us to unite the rest
no matter the age
no matter the race
no matter the gang or the sex
it's time to stand up
for the freedom fight
instead of their beer we'll drink their blood tonight
the blood of the police
that put us so low
the blood of the wealthy so content in their homes
the blood of the bosses
that denied us those jobs
we'll drink it with all
who've so plainly been robbed


you cheat you lie
you kill you steal
your holding us against our will
and if we should try to escape
you'll grab your guns and shoot away x4

We've waited far to long
the time is now to change things
Track Name: Arcane Drifter
i have been to the edge of the world and back again

you have seen the very worst of humanity

how did we get this far away from ourselves and who we are

your skin it shines so bright in the death of the dark moon light

as the morning blue draws closer you say you hate the rising sun
lullabies of innocence
scarred by selfish lies
no sleep could undo whats done
no drug could make this pass
dig your nails into my palms
and feel my steady pulse
until theres nothing left but torn flesh

your eyes they speak a thousand words
i've seen them once before
rements of a life once led
now sung as lovers lore
arcane drifter from my past
cradle me in your words
your touch it pierces through my soul
and yearns for something more
with this love there is no end
we'll take this word and conquor it

run away as fast as you can
all the towers are falling or they'll crush us to death

run away as fast as you can
i'll meet you at the end

arcane drifter from my past
cradle me in your words
your touch it pierces through my soul
and yearns for something more
with this love there is no end
we'll take this world and conquor it.
Track Name: Hidden At Home
little boy so scared and selfish
blocking off our every exit
cowering inside these white white walls
formed into the ground he's kneeling
scratching out his every feeling
screaming prayers out to every god

But the gods they never answer him
cause non of them exist
their stories paid in blood
rewritten and retold
there's no one there to help you
when your suffering and broken
you better learn to fucking cope
all on your own

His lovers throat it moves inside
it moves inside his sleep
and so he sleeps to find
the sweetness when she speaks in lullabies

He comes back to the world he finds
his lovers frigid throat is silent
and he makes noises he can't recognize


The boy now man has pieces left to find
and once he does he swears to bind them back
as they once were so pure
he slays the wants of habits born
emerges from behind locked doors
with no mind for letting go


this is not what I was looking for
a tragedy of some sort

A wind a wanders lonely
and chills a poor man's spine
i mourn sleeping body of that love
so fair of mine
she sang so sweet a fable
of together growing old
now I weep into the satin
where my sweethearts sleeping cold
we left one hundred cities
I left one hundred blind
but now I see so clearly
that love so fair mine
though smoke and wine do comfort
my weary yawning soul
the sun does never warm me
when my sweethearts sleeping cold